KhelPlayRummy Launches Mobile App for iOS and Android Users


KhelPlayRummy App  for iOS and Android Phones

Our regular interaction with rummy players was the main prompter to drive us to develop the KhelPlay Rummy mobile app. The app is a full version application which makes it possible for users to connect with a rummy table on the and play rummy. Thus this app gives the users of the website the liberty to play rummy wherever, whenever and however.

We have launched two different versions of the app for both the majorly used platforms, iOS and Android. The iOS version which is compatible with iPhones and iPads while the Android version can be downloaded by those using Android based smartphones and tablets.

Existing users can download and install the application on their mobile devices and start using them by logging in with the same username and password they use to log into the website. New users can also download the rummy app and register through the app which will enable them to join any live rummy table they desire. Of course, a net connection or a WIFI zone to connect their mobile phones and tablets to the internet is a precondition.

An exciting and simple interface

The existing users would definitely find that the user interface of the application is anew and completely redesigned from that of the website. The vivid colours and design elements are fresh and attractive. The app has been developed to include all the features that a player on the desk-top access. Thus, you have an almost replicated sections and sub sections on the application as on the website.

Only Rummy App to allow Rummy for Cash

Do keep in mind that KhelPlay Rummp App is India’s first and presently the only mobile app which allow players to play cash rummy and win cash prizes. Players can also view their transaction report, and also view the latest promotion with the inbox facility. While deposits and withdrawals are easy, the best feature of the application is its ability to switch from one device to the other without any interruption or stopping of an ongoing game. This ability gives the application a must have for all, as one can anytime switch from a desktop to mobile in case of power outage or having to leave the desktop for other reason, but still continue and finish a game.

Traveling, waiting or just about feeling lazy to start the computer to play a game, KhelPlay Rummy app is handy mobile app which can give you unlimited fun and opportunity to win cash right out of your personal accompanying mobile device.

Download and install for Free

App Store hosts the iOS version, this iOS version allows player to also play cash games. KhelPlay Rummy App Lite version has been hosted on Android Store and Google Play Store, this version will allow players to play unlimited free Practice Games. To play cash games on Android devices, players can download the full cash version from KhelPlay Rummy website. Below are the links from where these different versions can be downloaded:


Links to download KhelPlayRummy App:

1. iOS Store: ( play free + cash games)
2. Google Play Store: (allows you to play only free rummy games.)
3. Android cash version: (download android app to play free + rummy for cash)

Every enthusiastic rummy player should download and try this app which promises to give them unlimited entertainment and an opportunity to win cash and fort every registered user of, this is a must have application for their mobile devices which will continue to serve them with their favorite online game on the go.

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