Special KhelPlay Rummy Offers during Indian T20 League


If there is one rummy platform that is always buzzing with activity, it is – KhelPlay Rummy. Because we have exciting offers for all our KhelPlayers at all times! Currently the country has gripped by the fever of 14th edition of Indian T20 League. On this sporting festive occasion, we have started and running multiple special offers that you could avail while playing rummy.

From 19th September to 15th October, this is time of not just Cricket, but also Rummy as you play, avail offers, and win lots of Cash rewards! Here are the multiple offers you could enjoy:

Special Indian T20 League Offers

These are the offers that could be active any time in the duration of Indian T20 League. They will be run in match timings, which are between 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm and from 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm when there are 2 matches in a day. You just have to keep playing and grab the one that is on offer:

  1. When you log in to KhelPlay Rummy app, enjoy “Surprise Cash Drop” up to ₹10,000*! It’s valid for 2 hours, use it to play Cash games and win big.
  2. Match Hour Leaderboard having total prize pool of ₹1,00,000*! Play cash games, top the leaderboard and win 1st prize of ₹10,000.
  3. When you deposit ₹1,000 or more during match time, you get flat ₹25 Instant Cash.
  4. Get 50% Rakeback on tables of ₹10,000 or more. Play 5 Cash games during match time.
  5. On tables of ₹25,000 & ₹50,000, get a full 100% Rakeback when you play 5 Cash games in match time.
  6. Get up to ₹9,800* Bonus when you deposit during match time.
  7. Avail a ‘Surprise Cash Drop’ on random cash tables. So, play cash games in match time and you could be lucky!

Offers on Fixed Days

These offers and promotions are on specific days, so do not miss out on playing rummy on any day. Avail them and win big:

  1. Malamaal Club Bonus Offer was from 25th to 28th September, 2021. Our Diamond & Platinum Club members got to avail 25% Bonus up to ₹2,500*! And our Gold & Silver Club members enjoyed 15% Bonus up to ₹4,900* on their deposit.
  2. Month End Bonus Offer: Our players got 20% Bonus up to ₹2,000* on their deposits between 11 am to 8 pm on 29th & 30th
  3. Outstanding October Offer: From 1st to 5th October, our players will get 10% Instant Cash up to ₹1,000* and 15% Bonus up to ₹2,500* once every day on their deposits (₹10,000+ for Instant Cash & ₹100+ for Bonus).
  4. Navratri Special Dhamaka: Win Smartphones, Cash prizes worth ₹3,00,000*! And get awesome Bonus in this special offer from 7th to 15th October! For details, check our promotion page on 7th

So, this one month for you is surely going to be full of excitement in sports and gaming. On one hand you will be watching your favourite team play against 7 others and wishing for them to win the title. On the other hand, you will be playing lots of rummy and winning lots of cash!

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