Tricks to Win Rummy Tournaments

Tricks to Win Rummy Tournaments

The game of Rummy, unlike other card games, is not heavily dependent on luck. It is about melding the cards dealt into sets and sequences. These days, rummy tournaments are conducted all over the world and online too. Therefore, you can pocket handsome sums of cash from within the comfort of your home. Just hone your rummy skills by following these simple rummy tips and tricks.

Get your Rummy Basics right

First things first, make sure you’ve got your basics right. Most people have a misconception that only three cards can form a sequence, like 8-9-10 and four cards make a set like 8-8-8-8. However, as per the rules, the sequence can be formed using three or more cards, either a pure sequence or the one with a joker, e.g. 3-4-5-Joker. Likewise, a set can be formed with a minimum of three cards, e.g. 6-6-6. Simple things such as these and more could mean the difference between winning and losing in rummy.

Arrange your Cards

Organize your cards according to their suites, example, clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. Not arranging them properly can cost you your game. The next step is to arrange them as per their color; separate the red and black ones. Next, make a pure sequence of 3 cards. Without possessing a pure sequence, you cannot head on to making the next sequence, which may or may not be a pure sequence.

Joker is Crucial

In a rummy game, a joker takes you one step closer to winning. It depends on how you can use it in the best way. You can use the joker to make the next sequence, assuming you have already made the pure sequence. If you have multiple jokers, use it to make more non-pure sequences and remember to substitute it with a card that has a higher point value.

Choose Low-Value Cards

The purpose of any rummy game is to reduce your points to zero before your opponents. Even if you are losing, your goal should be to lose with lesser points.  If you are playing for a big amount, every point will make a big difference. It’s better not to rely on a card of a particular rank and suit when you are playing rummy. Also, get rid of the high value cards as soon as you can and in a smart way. Don’t discard them in a hurry, as you don’t want your opponent to benefit from them.

Observe but Don’t Let Others Read You

The oldest trick in rummy is to keep track of your opponents. If you remember the cards of other players, it will minimize their chances of winning. For example, if you see your opponent picking up a spade of 8 or 10 or some other suite, then getting rid of a 9 of spade won’t be a wise move. Likewise, keep your moves hidden while you are picking cards. Unless the cards they are discarding are really necessary for you, pick only from the hidden deck.

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