5 Things Your Rummy Playing Friend Can Teach You About Life

5 Things Your Rummy Playing Friend Can Teach YouRummy is a game of skill that requires time and effort to improve upon. Your skilled opponents at Rummy can teach you many things, not just about the game, but life in general. This blog lists five things you can learn about life from your Rummy playing opponents.

1)Be in the Present!

A game of Rummy is much like crossing a busy street, only much safer! It reminds you that one wrong move and the game could change unfavorably. Like if you are not paying attention when crossing the street, you are bound to get bumped into and be in an inconvenient situation. So focusing on the present is important, don’t dwell too much on the past or the future.

2)Practice to Hone Your Skill!

A player who has mastery over a particular game or craft has not achieved it overnight. It’s taken him months of conscious, purpose driven, repeated effort that now he can do it with ease. So, if you want to be good at something you got to put in the effort, so much so that it later becomes your second unconscious nature.

3)Don’t Take your Losses at Heart, Look at the Bigger Picture!

When playing rummy you rarely have a player who has never lost. In fact, the best of rummy players are individuals who never think negative and learn from their mistakes, trying not to repeat them in their next game. You can apply this learning in Life as well, as one should not get bogged down by small problems of life, but take the learning and look forward to the future.

4)Learn to Love Maths!

Some players have a natural aptitude for Maths and seem to fare well right through school and college days, but others need some innovative encouragement. Maths as a subject is going to be there right until the end of our lives and being good at it will only be an advantage. In fact, playing rummy has been found to improve one’s math & analytical skills.

5)Never Underestimate the Opponent!

Sometimes it happens that you smile on finding that you have a great set of cards, while your opponent has a Poker face. As you play the game, his uses his mastery of the game and trumps you even though you had better cards in the first place. Similar is the case in Life, it’s not where you start, it’s where you end that matters and counts!

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