Why is Online Rummy Becoming Popular in India?

Why Online Rummy is Becoming Popular in IndiaRummy is among the oldest and arguably most popular card game. Indian Rummy  card game is extremely popular both in urban and rural India. When card games went digital, a new version of it known as ‘Online Rummy’ came into existence and its popularity among players dwarfed all existing traditional Indian games. Skeptics often wonder what sort of magic did ‘Online Rummy’ have that it popularity seems to have no end?

Today’s blog tries to explore plausible reasons that might tell us about why it became so popular in India.

Same as Offline Rummy

We have carefully studied the traditional rummy game and kept our online game exactly as the offline version of 13 cards rummy game. We wanted to keep the same rummy rules intact to ease the game play as introducing new set of rules would have made the game different from what people knew already. Indian players liked this sync of offline and online rummy and are turning out in thousands to play rummy via their PC and mobile app.

Rummy Being a Legal Game

In 1967, the Supreme Court of India in a landmark judgment cited that playing Rummy is absolutely legal and it is a game of skill outside the ambit of gambling. This judgment broke the shackles of taboo that shadowed the game for generations. This along with a more liberal society allowed more Individuals to play the game for Cash and not to feel ashamed about it.

The Internet and Smartphone!

Both have disrupted the traditional way of playing card games. Now, with just a basic smartphone and internet connection you can play unlimited number of free and cash rummy games. Unlike traditional card games, the prizes too are much larger often into Lakhs every week, which one can withdraw right into one’s bank account. From time to time, we have given smartphones, tablets, Gold coins, Diamond Jewelry, etc as prizes

So if you are keen to join the Online rummy bandwagon, hop-in and start playing rummy online

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