Confessions of a Rummy Pro

rummy professional's confession

RUMMY! The very word brings back memories of the time I spent playing this highly rewarding card game with my friends in hostel during my college years. It was the best thing that we could possibly do to make a quick buck when we had to go through perilous times without even a single penny in our pockets. Rummy became our favorite pastime activity during most parts of the day – after classes in the morning, afternoon tea-breaks, evenings and late nights before bedtime. And we never shied from indulging in our Rummy passion almost anywhere we considered fit – College Canteen, Library, Hostel Verandah, Classrooms, you name it. My first tryst with online rummy occurred when I was in my final year of Engineering. And, frankly speaking, I found it to be quite boring. Nowhere did it come close to the fun and excitement of playing a Rummy card game with a physical pack of cards.

It’s been eight years now since I first played the game of online Rummy and now find myself part of a celebrated League of Rummy Players boasting of an active presence in rummy circuits all over the country, and who pride as much in their superior Rummy skills as the huge amount of Prizes totaling several millions of Rupees that they have won through the years. However, I must admit that the road to the top was not at all easy. Playing online Rummy changed my life in a big way and contributed towards making me unflappable.

Everyone around me was looking for Jobs after passing and I was thinking of playing online rummy as I knew I was quite good at it, but like most things, it takes a little work to achieve something. How could I possibly tell my parents that I didn’t want to work in a technical role after completing my engineering with flying colors, and wanted to make a living out of playing rummy online! What further added to my dilemma was the fact that I was from a Brahmin spiritual family. Despite all the odds, I was adamant on following my chosen path, that of becoming an online Rummy Pro.

In the months following the making of this decision, I ended up losing many cash games, subsequent to which I lost my focus and peace of mind. I was left asking myself, “Kya mujhe kisi ki najar lag gayi thi (Had I caught the evil eye)?” After a string of losses and just a handful of tournaments wins to boast of, I was still struggling to come to terms with the nerve-wracking experience I had undergone so far playing online Rummy. To make matters worse, I lost my grandfather, my trusted spiritual guide, whom I could always count on to pull myself out of dire situations in life. I remember him telling me once, “Beta (son), Peace doesn’t have to be created; it is always present within all of us, but unfortunately we often let outer emotions affect us, making us lose control of ourselves.” With the exit of my greatest life support, I felt weaker, more vulnerable than ever before.

In the years since my grandfather’s demise, I have been tested, challenged and faced setbacks; the people I cared for and loved immensely came and left abruptly, leaving me to negotiate with deep mental wounds. But, I have managed to pull myself together rather well. Finding the light within me, I went in search of people who shared my passion for rummy so that I could learn from others’ experiences. It wasn’t long before I encountered online Rummy Players who had been in a similar situation as me, and who could empathize with my condition.

Knowing I was not alone, I conjectured that the main reasons why I was losing was fear, the desire to be perfect, holding on to resentment and anger, being too busy, resisting challenges, worrying, and more often than not – thinking more than what was really necessary. I vowed to myself to make it a point to control my thoughts, transform the negatives to positives and start gaining more control over my emotions. And thankfully, me efforts paid off and I am now standing at a point where I am –Simply Unflappable. That is such a wonderfully descriptive word. Exuding deep inner calm under the direst of circumstances when things are not going my way, I have become a rather composed Rummy card game Player now. I have come to understand that winning is not all that’s there to a rummy card game but something much more in terms of what it can teach about leading life.

Rummy, to me, is about being more aware. It’s about living in the present and being fully focused on the cards at hand. The rewards that came my way were quite big. They included mental and physical health and well-being, self-confidence, more success in relationships, and an intense and joyful experience of life, in general. Now there are many Rummy websites which an online rummy player can choose to play from. I have played and won big in cash Rummy tournaments on most of the Online Rummy sites. I play at KhelplayRummy as it’s a very transparent online Rummy platform and provides support whenever needed. Moreover, they offer fantastic Prizes such as Gold Coins, Smart phones and Pendants and Huge Cash Prizes.

Here are a few things one needs to bear in mind while playing rummy:

  • Surrender and accept circumstances as is. Play rummy for fun and it will turn out to be a highly positive experience. I take regular breaks even when I am winning games. When I lose a rummy tournament, I bounce back with better strategies for the next tournament I play.
  • Take full responsibility for how you play under different circumstances. One has to realize that every game is different, every new opponent has his/ her own strategy of playing the game, and it helps you get acquainted with the varied aspects of playing the rummy card game. Playing the rummy card game over the years has helped me in my dealings with people in my day-to-day life.
  • I closely observe and read every move in every single game played, and have devised a rulebook based on all possible permutations and combinations I have encountered so far. I plan my strategies accordingly in every game of rummy card game, and they are also found to come handy in practical situations in life involving both personal and professional aspects.

Other noteworthy things I’d like to share as a Pro Player are as follows:

  • Open up to anyone in whom you see talent, and help them learn the Rummy card game better.
  • Get your priorities right. While desire to win is understandable, focus on having Fun and excitement along the way which will help you in the long run.
  • Use hope to drive positive action. Stick to the rulebooks as you go about capitalizing on your opponent’s false moves and look to throw him off-track.
  • When everything seemed lost at the end of a terrible game, I searched for a new beginning in every ending. The Golden Rule is – Winning and losing is part of rummy card game, as with any other game. It all comes down to what positives you can take from each game.

Remember – Rummy Card Game is a Game of Skill and practicing and perfecting the skill takes time. Give it some time, and I guarantee you Playing Rummy online will shower you with big returns.

As to who I am….

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