How to play 29 Card Game? Know the Rules, Tips & Tricks

29 Card Game Rules, Tips and Tricks

Rummy is one such card game, that has countless variations being played in different parts of the world. Even in India, we play multiple variations of rummy. At KhelPlay Rummy, you are offered quite a few of them: Points, Pool, Deals rummy; 10-cards, 13, 21, and 27-cards rummy. Indians play quite a few other variations too. One of them is the 29 cards rummy. Have you heard of it?

The 29 playing card game is predominantly played in south Asia, especially in the northern states of India. It’s a trick-taking game that is a descendant of ‘Jass games’, a European family of card games whose origins are found in the Netherlands. So, do you know how to play 29 card game? What are 29 card game rules? Well, in this article you will know it all. It’s futile to know and play the game without knowing all the 29 card game tips and tricks right? That’s included too. At the end of this article, you will be perfectly placed to answer anybody who asks you how to play 29 card game.

Rules of 29 card game

The 29 card game is related to the 28 card game, not just because of the numbers being close, but also due to other factors. The 28 card game is popular in the Indian states of Bihar and Kerala, where it is called as ‘Irupathiyettu’. It depends on who you play with and where you go, the 29 card game rules change from region to region. Some play up to 28 points, some up to 32, some play with only 2 decks of cards, etc. but in general, the basic twenty nine card game rules have largely remained the same in all these years and it is quite easy to play.

This 29 card game is commonly played by 4 players in fixed partnerships, in which the partners usually face each other. Out of the standard pack of 52 cards, only 32 cards are used to play. In each suit: Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs, eight cards are played. These range from the highest to the lowest: J, 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, 7. What happens to other cards? Well, players use the numbered cards from 2 to 5, as trump markers. i.e. one set of these cards from each suit is taken by each player playing the game. In 29 playing card rules, the numbered ‘6’ cards are used to maintain the score. A red six and a black six is used by each association for this activity.

The value of the 8 cards are:

Jacks – 3 points each.

Card 9 – 2 points each.

Card 10 and Aces – 1 point each.

Cards K, Q, 8, and 7 do not carry any points in 29 card game rules.

All the above cards give a total of 28 points, but in some versions of this game, the last trick carries an additional point; Hence, the name of the game – 29. Although, most players don’t use this additional trick anymore, still, the name remained. So, what is the objective? Win tricks that have valuable cards. Here are the other 29 card game rules:

  1. One of the players gets the role of the dealer before the game begins.
  2. The dealer will shuffle the 32 cards and will give 8 cards to each player.
  3. Whoever sits to the right of the dealer – will start the bidding.
  4. The above person will put a bid that’s higher than 15. Every player involved will get a chance to bid. The Player with the highest bid will get to choose the trump card. After selecting it, the player should keep it a secret.
  5. The highest bid should not go beyond 29 as per the 29 playing card rules.
  6. The next player must play cards of the same suit as played by the previous player, there are no 29 card game tricks here.
  7. If a player plays 7 of clubs, then the next player must play 7 of any of the other 3 suits. If the second player doesn’t have the required cards matching the current suit, then he/she will declare that to other players.
  8. In the above situation, the trump card holder will declare his/her trump card.

The points are calculated at the end of each round, and the player with the maximum points wins the game. Isn’t it easy to understand all the 29 card game rules? Points 4 and 7 are important here. After you thoroughly understand how to play 29 card game of Indian rummy, we strongly recommend you try playing it. Surely you will enjoy playing this amazing game.

The Tips & Tricks

Players use their tips and tricks to win in every card game. Why this one should be different? Over the years, quite a number of 29 card game tips and tricks have been used by players to win. Even you can develop some of your own and use them in the game. Following are some of the tips of 29 card game:

  1. Always try to clear the Trump card of your opponents, out of the field.
  2. When your opponents are left with no trump cards, it is all in your hands; then play such a card that your partner will win.
  3. Initially try to throw lower value cards, and then move on to cards of higher value. This is one of the crucial 29 card game tips and tricks.
  4. Always keep a count of the cards thrown, by you and all other players too.
  5. If you know what card suit your partner doesn’t have, and they are having the trump card, then try to play the suit of that hand.
  6. Deceive your opponents with your gameplay, keep them guessing about your next move.
  7. If your opponent calls up a card to their partner, and you have one non-trump and trump ace card, then go ahead and lead trump. You will mostly trade one of yours for two of theirs, and that’s an amazing deal.
  8. Read the hand. It is never good to lead trump when your partner called. Always remember that you are looking to optimize for 2 points many times, not just one point. This will mean spreading out the use of the trump cards of your team.
  9. Always call if you have 3 trump cards, it doesn’t matter what they are unless it is an ace to the rival team.
  10. The most important tip to remember: don’t haphazardly use your tricks at any time in the game. Some tricks have a set perfect time to be used.

Some of the 29 card game tips and tricks are complex to understand and require at least some mastery and experience of the game, hence they haven’t been written here. Nevertheless, this will be a good start for you.

The 29 card rummy game is truly a unique and exciting card game to play. Just like the 13 cards rummy and other variations, this will keep you hooked in each moment with its twists and turns. After reading this article, you should absolutely not have any doubts about how to play 29 card game.

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