What Do the Commonly Used Card Game Catchphrases Actually Mean?

What Do the Commonly Used Card Game Catchphrases Actually Mean?

We all love to play free online rummy card games online and when playing we chat with our opponents. Many a times when chatting, we hear and/or use certain common catchphrases. These catchphrases are sometimes even used in daily life. But what do they actually mean? We have tried to uncover the meaning of the most commonly used card game catchphrases.

  • Jack of all trades, Master of None – This figure of speech is the most common one in the list. It is generally used mockingly for people who dabble in every field without gaining expertise on any. This person is a generalist rather than a specialist, so it be taken as a compliment as well.
  • Wildcard – Wildcard is a card that can substitute for another card and which can be used to complete the objective. We often hear this term wildcard entry especially in sports. A wild card comes as a stand-in for the actual player in case of an emergency and that player is referred to as a wildcard.
  • Lost in the shuffle – This phrase is often used to indicate situations where our efforts are not met with adequate merits nor even get the recognition they receive. Like you are playing rummy card game free with all your skills but are not able to win.
  • The cards have been stacked against me – This catchphrase too is very commonly used. It is often used by people when nothing goes according to their plan or something seems to stand as an obstacle in their progress.
  • Call a spade a spade – When you are speaking bluntly about what we feel about certain things without beating around the bush, it’s – call a spade a spade.
  • Holding all the cards – If someone or something is holding all the cards, it means that someone or something is in control of the situation.
  • Have a card up your sleeve – You must have come across this phrase in crime and mystery novels a lot. It simply means having a secret or hidden resource that comes to your advantage on occasions.
  • Put your cards on the table – This is another way of asking people to reveal what their actual plans are.
  • Follow suit – Following the examples of actions set by people is what we call follow suit.
  • Play one’s cards right – It means to make use of the best opportunities that come your way in order to achieve success.

Enjoyed the list? Please let us know if we have missed out on any other common catchphrases.

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