Andar Bahar vs Rummy: A Comparison

Andar Bahar vs Rummy Comparison

With only a deck of 52 cards in your hand, you can play over 104 different card games. That is the versatility of these playing cards. Most of these card games are varied in gameplay, rules, etc. let’s take the example of rummy. It is played by lakhs of Indians and has some variations like Pool rummy, 13 cards rummy, etc. Even the game of andar bahar is played by a lot of Indians and is easy to play. Let us compare these two card games and know their differences and similarities, if any.

The Basics

When it comes to the origins or invention, we do not know exactly when, where, and how the rummy game started. But most historical records say that modern rummy originated in either China or Mexico in the 19th century. On the other hand, ander bahar was invented in Bangalore city in India! From there, andar bahar game spread to other parts of India, and now to the rest of the world.

As of today, online rummy is more popular than andar bahar online. More platforms are offering rummy online services than those offering online andar bahar services. For e.g. Khel Play Rummy. Thus, as compared to online rummy game, fewer Indians know how to play andar bahar and less people are doing andar bahar real money game download.

The andar bahar online game doesn’t have that many versions as rummy has. The rummy game is played in 4 versions as per the number of cards: 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards rummy. It also has 3 other variations: Deals, Pool, and Points rummy. This skillful game also differs from region to region, in slight tweaks to rules and gameplay. We have the Rummy 500 in the USA, Gin Rummy, our very own Indian Rummy, and many other variations in the world.

The Objective

In rummy games online, as you play rummy, your objective is to meld all your cards into proper sequences and sets and declare before your opponents do so. On the other hand, in andar bhar game, to win, you must bet correctly, on which side (andar or bahar?) of the middle card, will the matching card appear.

The Gameplay

Online andar bahar can be played by any number of players at a time. In the case of rummy online though, 2 to 6 players can play it at a time. One deck is used in andar bahar game online whereas 2 decks of cards are used to play online rummy. After shuffling the cards, one random card is revealed in both the games, but only that card becomes the ‘trump card’ or ‘Joker’ in ander bahar, but in the rummy game, all 4 suits of that card become the ‘Wild Card Joker’.

In rummy, the game ends when one player has done a valid show; he/she is the winner while all others lose. In andar bahar game online, the game ends when a card that is similar in value to the middle card, is dealt; and all the players who bet on the correct spot, win the game. There are dedicated rules regarding the payout to all the winners of ander bhar, but no such thing exists in rummy, as the point value is determined before the gameplay begins.

You can also use some of the andar bahar tricks in rummy cash game, but most of the online andar bahar tricks are to be used in andar bahar only. If you want to learn how to play andar bahar game, click here.

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