A Detailed Guide to the Indian Rummy Fantasy League

A Detailed Guide to the Indian Rummy Fantasy League

Introducing a really gripping game that brings you a lot of cash bonus each time you win and much more fun as you play along. This Indian Rummy Fantasy League gets you to discover how you can enjoy the IPL season even more. Follow the simple steps and, off you go on an exciting journey of earnings.

 Once the game starts, the closed deck will show you your cricket superstar, who will be your player and just how he robs the opponent of runs with his sixes and fours, you can also go on winning the cash prize. You get points for the runs scored, sixes and fours hit, wicket taken by the bowler, catch taken as well as for every stumping!

Then, you just got to go on playing the one-hour cash games during the course of the match for the eligibility. For checking your match wise fantasy score, click on the option “Fantasy Score” in the menu, and thus, you will get your “cash bonus” in accordance with your player fantasy points!

Keep a tab on your earning as per every action throughout the game in the way of this set-rule of earning points:

1 Point per 10 run – Runs scored

5 Points per wicket – Wicket taken

2 Points per 4 –- 4s Hit

3 Points per 6 – 6s Hit

2 Points per catch – Catch taken

2 Points per stumping – Stumping done

After you end the game, the cash bonus will be credited to your account the next day in accordance with the points gathered under the name of the cricket player who you played the game as.

The formula that is applied for reckoning and estimating your total earning is:

Cash Bonus earned = [(W/5)*Points Accumulated %]

Here, W is the total wager amount of the player during the course of the match

For instance, if the Wager amount is 10,000, and Points accumulated is 25, then the Cash Bonus will be [(10,000/5)* 25%] = `500)

If this sounds as interesting and exciting as your favourite IPL match, or even if more than that, then do not wait, and just play Indian rummy to plunge into the game of winnings and earnings.

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