Indian Rummy Fantasy League

Indian Rummy Fantasy League
Indian Rummy Fantasy League

Indian Rummy Fantasy League - Earn Cash Bonus for Runs scored including Sixes and Fours hit, wickets taken, catches and Stumpings in IPL T20 matches

As your favorite Cricketing Superstars plunder runs and take wickets in IPL T20 matches from 7 Apr onwards, play Cash Games at KhelPlay Rummy and Win Cash Bonus* for Runs scored including Sixes and Fours Hit, Wicket taken by bowler, Catch taken, and every Stumping done!

What you have to do to earn Cash Bonus in Indian Rummy Fantasy League….

  • Play on Rummy Cash Tables from the moment the coin is tossed in the IPL T20 game.
  • Make note of the Cricket Player who appears on your closed deck of cards. The Cricket Player may belong to either of the teams playing the ongoing IPL T20 game and will be randomly assigned.(In case of ongoing rummy game at match start time, player will have to wait till hand is completed for closed deck to assign Cricket Player to you)
  • Wager in Cash Games for One Hour (60 minutes) or more cumulatively during the entire cricket match time. Only the time spent playing 13 Card Point, Pool & Deals Rummy Cash Games and/or 21 card Point Rummy Cash Games will be taken into consideration. For example, Player can spend 20 minutes playing a Pool rummy Game, 30 minutes playing a Point rummy Game and 15 minutes playing a Deals Rummy game during the IPL T20 match ( Total playing time is this case is One Hour and 5 minutes – more than the required 60 minutes) However, if Player spends 40 minutes playing a Pool Game and another 10 minutes playing a Deals Game during the ongoing IPL T20 match, he will not be eligible for Cash Bonus* as the total playing time in this case would be less than 60 minutes.

Note: Time spent playing Tournaments will not be considered.

Every time your Player scores runs, hits sixes or fours, takes wickets, catches or does stumping, you gather points as shown in the table below:

On-field Player Action Category Points earned
Runs Scored 1 point per 10 run
Wicket taken 5 points per wicket
4s Hit 2 points per 4
6s Hit 3 points per 6
Catch Taken 2 points per catch
Stumping done 2 points per stumping

After the IPL T20 game ends, the Cash Bonus will get credited into Player’s KhelPlay Rummy account the next day as per the points accumulated by the Cricket Player assigned to you. The Cash Bonus would be calculated as per the following formula:

Cash Bonus earned = [(W/11)*Points Accumulated %]
Where W is total wager amount of Player during the Match period.
(For example, if your Wager amount is 10,000, and Points accumulated is 25, then the Cash Bonus will be [(10,000/11)* 25%] = `227.27)

Leaderboard Toppers at the end of the IPL T20 season will also receive a Grand Prize. So, the more you play the better chance at winning the Mega Grand Prize!

Terms and Conditions:

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