How Online Rummy Acts as a Stress Buster

How Online Rummy Acts as a Stress Buster

Our favourite card game, rummy, has almost always been the one engaging activity when we have a lot of free time at hand. In India, the 13-card Indian Rummy game has been the most popular activity during long train journeys, social gatherings, and weekend evenings. But, do you know that are more rummy variants that you could play when you have free time? And, some of the rounds don’t even take too long to play. Here are some of the relatively less-popular rummy variants, with a gist of each, which could keep boredom and mundanity at bay:

  1. For those short breaks

The Best of 2 deals (BO2) is a variation of Pool Rummy. This game is a fun way to take a break in the limited time you have. It requires at least two rummy players and only two rounds are played. Only when there’s need to break a tie, a third round is played. The idea of the game is to get the lowest number of points after two rounds. BO2 neither has a card-drop option nor a re-join option. It is a simple game that is played pretty quickly. Valid sets and sequences earn 0 points. The remaining players’ total scores are calculated by summing up the values of their cards that cannot form a set or sequence. The best part of rummy is, you can now play it on your smartphones and tablets too. Apart from getting away from boredom, you can also play rummy online for cash. You can easily download the rummy game app for your Android or iOS platforms

  1. To kill a long period of time

While short breaks are a great time to enjoy a good BO2 variant, its bigger sibling, BO3 is suitable for longer durations that you may find, like when you’re traveling or have some friends over on the weekend. The rules are just like BO2’s, except that there are three rounds to be played between two or more players. A tie-breaker is the fourth round. However, in case in the first two rounds itself there’s a difference of more than 80 points between two players, then the player with the lowest score is declared winner, and the third round is effectively nullified.

  1. A marathon run

For those days-on-end periods when you have absolutely nothing planned out, try the 201 Pool Rummy. Again, the goal is to end up with the lowest score and be declared winner. The winner needs to have a pure sequence, i.e. one with no Joker or wild card, and another sequence that could contain a Joker or wild card. The player who hits a score of 201 gets eliminated. Correctly arranged cards and a valid show earn a player 0 points. The rest of the players’ total score is calculated by adding up the values of their cards that do not form a valid set or sequence. This rummy variant has the option of re-joining if the score of the remaining players is less than 174.

  1. When rummy itself gets monotonous

If you reach the saturation point of playing regular rummy, there’s an ultimate option: tourneys. Many Indian sites are dedicated to rummy games, including tournaments, where you can play for real cash and win loads of money. If you’re confident of your skills and knowledge of the game, get on these sites and check out their tournaments and choose the one that most suits your time and convenience. is one such credible rummy site that has exciting tourneys held every day, along with other options such as Fortune Tournament, Entry Tournament, and Crazy Tournament. Log onto the site and check these out for yourself.

Hopefully, these suggestions will be helpful the next time you find yourself idling away time. Just make sure to get on-board a few friends or log onto KhelPlay rummy to play exciting games with other rummy opponents.

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