Play Rummy Like A Pro & Wear The Rummy Taj


When we play a game, whether it be any board game, any one among the card games, or any other game genre, why do we play it? What is the main motivation or the main aim for any player to play a game? It is – to WIN. We play a game to win it. If you play rummy, you will play to win. This is normal and natural for anybody to expect to win every match they play.

But still, there are very few online rummy players who get to achieve that – winning almost every match they play. They become rummy pro players and you can say that they wear the ‘Rummy taj’. Even you must have thought or dreamed at some time, that you should become a top or a pro player in the rummy game. After that, you must have gone back to your normal routine thinking it is not possible for anybody to achieve that level. But is that true? Of course not!

Be a Pro & Wear the Taj

Any player can become a pro in rummy and wear the Taj rummy, even you! For that, you will need to play Indian rummy regularly and also follow a few things. What are those? Let us know here.


Those who wear the Taj in games rummy are experts in observation. This is the one skill that you must develop to its best because it will set you on the path to becoming a pro in Indian rummy. You shouldn’t just play your game in rummy online, but also observe everything that is going on at the table.

How your opponents are playing, the cards they pick and discard, their behaviour, their expressions, etc. because of all of this, you will better guess about the cards they have and the cards they need. This will help you make better strategies to defeat them, avoid giving the cards they need, make them play according to you, etc. crucial in becoming a pro and wearing the taj in rummy online.

Always Learn and Improvise

Those who stay the same, don’t make any progress. This holds true not just for rummy games online, but in every aspect of life. Some may advise you to play with fixed strategies or gameplay style, but that is not what a majority of the pro players do. They wear the taj in rummy because they learn and keep getting better by improvising.

Learn from every game you play or see, and also learn from your opponents, and their mistakes. Minimize and then eliminate your minus points, don’t make the same mistakes again while playing the taj games rummy. Never settle, aim to become the best and achieve it. Perfect your game by constantly improvising, even if you are on a winning streak. This way, no one will stop you from wearing the rummy taj. Somebody has rightly said – ‘Change is the only Constant’.

Take Part in Offline Rummy Events

Because of the rummy platforms like KhelPlay Rummy, you get to play the online rummy game, still, most of these rummy platforms organize offline rummy events like tournaments. Players either get a chance to join such events by winning in their online promotions or tournaments, or it is open to all. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the pro rummy players wearing the taj in rummy, play with them, learn from them, take advice, and be a better rummy player. Whenever you find out about any offline rummy event, just go there.

Build Custom Strategies

There are so many strategies to be used while playing ultimate rummy games online. The common ones are also used by amateur players. But you don’t want to stay an amateur player, right? To wear the taj in games rummy, you must use strategies that hardly anybody else must have used. The best way to do this is to make your custom strategies!

No two rummy games will ever be similar. The regular strategies won’t work because players have developed counter-strategies for them. To win crucial rummy games, you must have an edge over your opponents, hence, it is best to use strategies that they have never heard or seen. Keep on making and using new strategies and you will become a pro player who wears the rummy taj.

Take Part in Every Promotion

Rummy platforms are known to bring out offers and promotions regularly. Sometimes, during festivals or other such events, rummy platforms run huge promotions and special tournaments. A good rummy player who is a pro or aspiring to wear the taj in games rummy will avail of every offer and take part in every tourney.

It is simple, the more you play, the more experience you will get, the more you will learn, and this way your skills will grow quicker, and you will become a pro player earlier than usual. Hence, take part in every promotion if you wish to wear the taj in rummy online gaming.

Always be Optimistic

You must have heard of this proverb – Our Attitude will determine our Altitude. Whether you are winning or losing rummy matches, always have a positive attitude. In your wins, never become overconfident; in your losses, whether only one loss or a big losing streak, never lose hope. This is a crucial quality to becoming a rummy pro and wearing the rummy taj.

You don’t just need skills, but also other qualities like optimism, a never-say-die attitude, etc. no player will win 100% of their matches. Even pro players lose, but they stay positive even in such a situation, hence they are perennial winners. So, if you wish to wear the taj in games rummy, always be positive.

Know Small but Crucial Tips:

The above are some of the crucial factors that you must follow to become a professional player in the game of rummy online and to wear the taj rummy. But besides that, the following are the little things that also matter if you want to become a pro player:

  1. Apart from meeting during offline tournaments, if you happen to meet a rummy pro otherwise, online or offline, try to take as many tips from them as possible. In the quest to wear the rummy taj, ask all sorts of questions and try to gain all the knowledge.
  2. Never get emotional while playing. It gets difficult to take good decisions in an emotional state. Be sound, mindful, and positive, and never worry about what happened, think about what you can do now. This is an important quality to have if you wish to wear the taj in games rummy.
  3. Every rummy game will be different. Never expect a game or a situation of a game to be like a rummy game you played before. Take total responsibility for how you play in different situations. One day you will become a pro player and wear the taj in rummy.

If you want to know more from a professional player at KhelPlay Rummy, we have documented a huge confession from him about his rummy experience. Click here to read it.


There is no such rule that certain activities or things are attainable only for certain people. Why only certain people reach a very high level, is because they do different things and do things differently. When this happens in rummy, they become pro players and wear the taj in rummy. But, it is attainable by everybody, even you. So, aim to be a pro, follow certain above things and actually become a pro, and wear the taj in rummy online gaming.

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