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There are certain characteristics, which if we have, take us a long way ahead in life, whether it is in career or anything else. One of them is ‘Passion’. Just like conviction and determination, passion is a strong emotion to be acted upon. You can use it in any walk of your life. E.g. playing card games like rummy. Passion is not a quality which is naturally found, but should be developed and nurtured.

What is Passion?

Have you ever felt a strong desire to do something, no matter what difficulties you face? If yes, then it is surely passion. In the fire of action, passion is the fuel that keeps you going even when nothing else is working for you. In rummy, passion game play will take you ahead & you’ll love to play it even if you are on a losing streak.

When you have a passion for some activity, and you pursue it regularly, surely it will take you far ahead in life. Lakhs of Indians love to play Indian rummy & out of their rummy passion, download a rummy app and regularly play cash games/tournaments, esp. in KhelPlay Rummy, one of the most popular rummy platforms.

Why have passion in Rummy?

Most people play rummy to win lots of cash prizes. We can divide them basically into 2 categories: One who has been playing offline rummy for years, and another who just discovered the wonderful world of rummy. It’s comparatively easy for the first type to win lots of real cash, but it can be the opposite for the second type of rummy players. Here comes rummy ‘passion’ into play! You must show it while playing rummy. Passion for app gaming must be developed in you to play rummy regularly. Now let’s see what players do with or without passion for rummy:

Players without passion:

  1. They play rummy less frequently.
  2. They don’t really give their best to win the match.
  3. They give up easily if they lose more than 1 match in a row.
  4. They don’t try to learn new strategies, tricks, tips, etc.
  5. They don’t truly enjoy playing the game of rummy.

Players having passion:

  1. Play rummy more often, even every day.
  2. They enjoy and love playing the game very much.
  3. Even if they make a losing streak of a lot of games, they never give up playing rummy.
  4. While in the game, they are completely involved in it, every move of every opponent and possibilities. They study, analyze, predict, and mostly make correct moves.
  5. They always stay updated with all the rummy tricks, moves, strategies, etc. They regularly learn new things about rummy from different sources and stay ahead of rivals in the game.

So you see, why some players having ‘rummy passion’, Download the KhelPlay Rummy app and become the best in it. There are players who love to play rummy so much that their passion can be compared to the general passion or love Indians have for Cricket, or even more! You may have other qualities like determination, hard work, skills like analysis, observation, etc. But if you don’t have passion, you won’t get completely involved in rummy. ‘Passion’ game play only will make you love to play rummy. Passion in app gaming is something that you must cultivate within you.

Developing Passion for Rummy

Even if you are not bringing out your rummy ‘passion’ game, still, all is not lost. You can still cultivate a healthy passion for rummy. It is not difficult to cultivate rummy ‘passion’ in you. Rummy app like KhelPlay Rummy will greatly help you in this. Begin with learning more about rummy, especially the history, origins, where in the world it is played, etc.

After knowing all the history, proceed towards learning the rules of all versions of rummy, whether you know them already or not. Rules of at least the basic versions like 10, 13, 21, 27 cards rummy; points, pool, and deals rummy, etc. gradually cultivate or develop ‘rummy passion’ within yourself, whether you are playing rummy on PC on the browser or on app, having passion is a must in rummy. Passion for app gaming is more in India than passion for PC gaming.

Whenever you play rummy, observe each and every move of your opponents, learn from them, their strategies, tricks, and the deceptions they use in the game of rummy. ‘Passion game’ of yours should be on top in any situation. It is just not possible for anyone to avoid any mistakes in rummy, but ensure that you are not repeating them. Learn from your mistakes the 1st time itself. Go online and learn as much as you can in rummy. ‘Passion’ game should be developed right from the beginning. See videos, epic matches, text content, posts, articles, blogs, etc. anything that will teach you new strategies, Tips and Tricks. So, develop and improve your rummy ‘passion’, download the KhelPlay Rummy app now.

Benefits of being Passionate

Whether it is rummy ‘passion’ or anything else in life, you benefit from having a strong passion for it. If you are already playing on KhelPlay Rummy, you are on the right track. Here are the advantages of being a passionate person:

  1. Brings a lot of energy in you.
  2. It drives your vision and also inspires others.
  3. It helps create a positive environment, movement and change.
  4. It brings new opportunities, increases your influence.
  5. It opens the door to sustained success.

Passion makes you use all your strengths to their optimal levels and brings out the best in you, making you the best version of yourself. Being passionate about rummy will ensure that you are also productive at work. This is because your life will not be boring or one-dimensional anymore when you regularly play in our KhelPlay Rummy, the app that will help you bring out your ‘passion’; rummy app like no other.

The more passionate you are, the more you will play and win, the more will be your confidence, not just in rummy, but in work, and generally in life itself. You will be smarter and resilient. Your passion in rummy will make you play more; this, in turn, will develop crucial skills in you: observation, analysis, decision making, etc. all of this will develop and enhance your personality to a good extent.

You also develop other life skills like learning to accept defeat, picking yourself up back from a heavy defeat or so, etc. No wonder why seasoned rummy players promote playing rummy in KhelPlay Rummy, and regularly display their ‘rummy passion’ during the game.

You never know, you can also start making a living out of your passion, including rummy! Yes, thousands of pro rummy players exist, who earn a handsome cash prize amount every month only from rummy. So much that they have made playing rummy their primary source of income. So, if they can make it possible, then you can also right? Nothing is impossible in this world, just start playing rummy. Passion on app of KhelPlay Rummy is being displayed by all pro players, learn from them, be like them.

All in all, passion is a very important quality that is a must have in every one of us. Without passion, life becomes so robotic, sedentary, dull, one-dimensional, and a boring routine. Do you really want to live such a life? If not, then develop a keen interest and passion in the exciting game of rummy. Just have in you – rummy ‘passion’; download the KhelPlay Rummy app and start playing now.

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