KhelPlay Rummy launches new Rummy Rap Video

rummy rap by KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy has launched its new Video targeted at Rummy audiences spread across the country. The video is part of a marketing initiative by KhelPlay Rummy to popularize the use of its web and mobile platform for playing one of India’s favorite card games – Rummy.

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As one of India’s premier multi-player gaming portals, KhelPlay Rummy has been wowing Rummy audiences across the country by offering a high quality gaming experience. Through the use of a feature-rich Game Lobby boasting of a refined look and a user-friendly interface, Players are guaranteed of a thrilling Rummy experience. Moreover, KhelPlay Rummy makes use of advanced security features that ensures complete transparency of operations and safety of Player data.

About the Video:

Through this highly entertaining video, KhelPlay Rummy has sought to highlight how playing rummy online on your desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets can be as easy and fun as playing with your group of friends. Also, by showcasing Rummy Players belonging to different parts of the country and spanning different age groups, the focus has also been on the huge appeal that the game holds amongst Rummy audiences.

The rich mix of characters featured in the video which includes a Telagite, a Tamilian, a Sardarji and a Kannadiga elicits pure delight as they go about professing their intense liking for this highly popular card game through the use of very catchy Rap Lyrics.

A snappy melody similar to the sound of ringing bells plays at the start of the video, following which the four protagonists at different locations are shown using different devices – Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop – ready to battle each other in an exciting game of online Rummy!

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The action then shifts to a physical setting as the four individuals are shown to gather together on a multi-Player Rummy Table, following which they seamlessly shift to and fro from online to offline mode, almost as if to suggest that online Rummy experience compares to the physical experience of playing rummy with your group of friends! Add to it the convenience of playing the game anywhere, anytime on KhelPlay Rummy, and it becomes a more enthralling rummy game experience altogether! The Sardarji aptly drives homes this point when he says “Get ready for the Rummy Feel” as he taps away on his mobile phone! (Free download of App available on Android and iOS)

Meantime, the ringing bell tune we spoke of earlier continues to reverberate all through the video, constituting a very riveting background score.

What follows thereafter is pretty much in likeness to what you might have experienced playing rummy with your group of friends – friendly banter and a whole lot of slapstick humor, as the four repeatedly take digs at each other! (KhelPlay Rummy allows one the same luxury through the Player Chat facility available on the Game Table that is open to all). The Telagite at the table seems overly confident as he declares, “I’m coming in hot”, while the Tamilian is shown lamenting the absence of a prized ‘Queen’ Card.

The Sardarji is as cool as ever, even calling on his mates to join him for a lassi drink! It is the Kannadiga (in a bright pink shirt), though, who stuns all by declaring a Show much to everybody else’s displeasure in the Winner-takes-all Game!

We give away Prizes worth a minimum of Rs. 5,35,000* every month at KhelPlay Rummy and have bigger Offers for Players who play BIG while also emphasizing that ‘No one has a chance to cheat’! The latter point needs no further explanation given that the Random Number Generator deployed at KhelPlay Rummy is certified by renowned accreditation agency – iTech Labs, Australia. Moreover, through a completely safe Deposit and Withdrawal mechanism making use of a highly secure Payment Gateways, and by instituting a dedicated Fraud & Anti Collusion Team to look in to cases of Player malpractices, KhelPlay Rummy ensures the transparency of entire operations and complete safety of Player data.

About KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy is one of the leading online Rummy destinations in the country that has been offering Rummy card games – 13 Card Rummy and 21 Card Rummy, to its ever-widening player base. Players get to avail exciting Offers and play Tournaments in which huge Bonuses, Cash and other Prizes are won across all KhelPlay Rummy platforms (web and mobile), and they can also avail special benefits through the VIP and Loyalty Points Programmes!

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