Simple Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Online Rummy

Simple Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Online Rummy

Struggling to wonder how to get your friends start playing online rummy like you do? Well, fret not, we have your back covered. There are simple ways to get them introduced to the game. Explain the basics, for example, and once you have shown how simple it is to play the card game, you have already started. You can even introduce them to the various rummy variations. To help you further, we have listed 5 simple ways you can get your friends in the game of rummy.

Invite them to KhelPlay Rummy, online rummy website & mobile app

One great way to hook your friends to the game is to introduce them to online rummy and rummy game apps. You have to invite your circle of rummy friends to KhelPlay Rummy and will receive a Welcome package with bonus, you in return will receive a Refer-a-Friend bonus. This way everyone gets rewarded and also enjoys the game.

Send them Freeroll Tournament Invites

Tournaments are an amazing means to win big, and at KhelPlay Rummy there are freeroll tournaments scheduled every day. There is even a Free Friday Tournament with free buy-in. Introduce your friends to such amazing tournaments, and they are sure to participate. The tournaments have limited seats and restricted registration window. So, ensure you register and inform your friends at the earliest.

Organize & Throw a Rummy Party

Another amazing way to introduce your friends to rummy is by inviting them to a rummy-theme party. Organize fun rummy games with mind-blowing prizes. Make sure the decorations and return gift goodies follow the rummy theme.

Share Success Stories

One fun activity to do in the rummy party is to share your success stories. Tell them how winning at online rummy let you by the new acoustic guitar to pay your college fee. Testimonials and success stories of players on KhelPlay Rummy website can also be shared with friends on your social media. This will surely help them to keep motivated.

Suggest them to Subscribe to Rummy Blogs

There are amazing blog posts on KhelPlay Rummy blog site that offers an in-depth view on the several tips and tricks to play online rummy. Millions of people read them and get inspired. Your friends will too! The blog is also a great means to stay updated with all the latest promotions and tournaments that are hosted on the site.

So, folks, it’s time you pull in all those friends who were out of action for some time now and get them started with online rummy.

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