Tamil Nadu and Rummy: A Strong Connection

Play rummy in Tamil Nadu

Among the multiple card games that you can play with your friends, Rummy is one that enjoys a high-level of popularity all over India. It has been played since centuries, even in the state of Tamil Nadu and continues to be so even now. It has been an integral part of the leisure lives of many Indians as they sat together with their friends to unwind by playing a few rounds of rummy.

In the last couple of decades, with the advent of smartphones, mobile internet reaching even to a remote village, there was no excuse left for the era of online rummy to begin. It took-off well and till date, has made rummy more popular than before. Many new people got acquainted with rummy and its simple rules by playing in its online version. Rummy has reached every nook and corner of the subcontinent, and also that of Tamil Nadu.

Why is the popularity of Rummy in Tamil Nadu so high?

One amazing thing about Indian rummy players is that, as compared to the rest of India, there are a lot more rummy players in the southern states, esp. Tamil Nadu. The Tamil natives have been playing rummy since centuries and are pro at it. Tamilians are naturally sports loving people, and rummy has been a part of their culture since centuries.

Whether they play only one round or multiple rounds of rummy, no special occasion is complete for tamil people without playing rummy game online. You can see this in the cities, towns, and even in the villages, they just love to play rummy online and enjoy it for the entertainment and fun that it provides.

Another reason for the popularity of rummy gaming in Tamil Nadu, is that it is a challenging game that requires your various skills like analytical, game-reading, learning your opponent’s moves, deception of the opponent accordingly, etc. and all of this give an adrenaline rush to the players, it makes them play the game again and again.

Ban and Comeback

In recent times, the residents of Tamil Nadu were not able to play this popular game because of multiple legal issues for the rummy platform. But on 3rd August, 2021, the Madras High Court gave a ruling in the favour of ‘skill-based games’, and thus, various skill games, rummy platforms were back online for our beloved tamilians, including KhelPlay Rummy.

Since that date, we have seen a rise in the number of rummy players from Tamil Nadu, and till date we have added thousands of new ones to the already huge pool of rummy players playing on KhelPlay Rummy. Our Tamil Nadu players are obviously elated that they will be playing their favourite game once again.

New beginning with KhelPlay Rummy

Our rummy players from Tamil Nadu will be excited to know that in this time duration, KhelPlay Rummy app has changed for the better. We have introduced various new features, new Tournaments and offers that our players are surely going to love. We also have quite a few surprises waiting for you. Rummy has restarted in the state at the perfect time as now, from October, the festival season has started in the country.

We are not detailing the new features here because we want you all to experience them yourself first-hand and start playing your favourite online rummy again. Because, rummy is loved by everyone in Tamil Nadu, whether it is online or offline. Join thousand other players in downloading and playing on KhelPlay Rummy, deposit, get bonus, take part in promotions, tournaments, and win lots of cash prizes as you showcase your skills by defeating opponents. Let’s Rummy!

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