Tips To Win a Rummy Tournament

Tips To Win a Rummy Tournament

Play rummy tournament and win cash prizes. Winning in a rummy game is all about applying the simple concepts of mathematics.

Rummy is a 13 cards game and is popular worldwide. The game requires the player to create sets and sequences using the 13 cards he or she is dealt with. The game of rummy requires minimum 2 players.

The best way to win in any card game is to calculate the probabilities of getting the desired cards. However, with rummy it is also about applying the simple concepts of mathematics.

The game of rummy is gaining popularity in India due to its presence on online portals. Bonus offers, cashback deals, and some great rummy tournaments are driving more and more people towards online rummy. Playing a usual rummy game is fun, however, playing a rummy tournament is something that gives the players an out of the world experience. There are various rummy tournaments held online that let you win a lot of cash and help you gain some fame. Winning these tournaments can be tough but not impossible.

The best way to win a rummy game is to get your priorities right, and this means you need to be alert and observant about what the others players are doing. You should always keep an eye on what cards your opponents are picking and discarding. This will give you a rough idea of what combinations they are trying to make. The next best thing you could do is get rid of cards with higher points first, especially if they are of no use to you. Also, it is important to make the best use of the joker. When you have a pure sequence, you can use the joker card to fit in combinations that are still incomplete. But remember one pure sequence without a joker is a must.

Here are some tips to help you win rummy tournaments.

  • Try To Make Pure Sequences

To win a rummy tournament, a pure sequence is a must. You should always aim to make a simple sequence that ensures that you don’t get the sum of all points of all cards in your hand, in case your opponent declares the game at any time.

  • Discard High Point Cards

You should discard high point cards. If you hoard high point cards like King, Queen, or Jack to form sets or sequence, it can increase your burden with more points.

  • Use Joker in various ways

With practice, you will learn to improvise the ways of using your Jokers. You can use a joker after forming a pure sequence. You can also form a sequence with jokers to reduce points if your opponent declares the game before you.

  • Color of the Cards

The moment you get your cards, you should arrange them in alternate colors. This will help to reduce any confusion and avoid a mistake in discarding a useful card.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Opponent’s Move

When you play rummy, you should keep a track of cards your rummy opponent is disposing. Once you know what kind of cards he/she has discarded, you can discard similar cards to ensure he/she does not pick your discarded card from the Open Deck.

  • Reduce the points

From the very beginning, your aim should be to discard the cards with higher points and arrange your cards into sequences and sets. This is important because in case your opponent declares the game first, you will lose but with minimum points.

The basic to win any tournament or game is to know the game’s rules well. You must keep reading more about Indian rummy rules and tricks to upgrade your rummy skills. Also, it is important to practice as much as possible before entering any tournament. The more you practice, the higher your chances of winning.


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