10 Winning Tips for Online Rummy Players

10 Winning Tips for Online Rummy Players

Rummy is a fast-paced, fun game that has been a part of our culture and traditions for decades now. With its rising popularity, it has now been introduced on many websites where players can play for real cash. Easy to learn, but hard to master, the rummy card game requires a lot of practice. To help you excel at it, mentioned below are certain tips and tricks that can give you an edge over other players.

Make a Pure Sequence Quickly

As a priority, work on making a pure sequence. It is one of the most important rules in the Indian rummy online games. It also ensures that you don’t get all the points of the cards in your hand if your opponent declares at any point.

Observe your Opponents

Keeping a close watch on your opponents’ gameplay is essential. Observe the cards picked or discarded by your opponent from the Open deck or Hand. It will give you an idea about which cards you should keep and which cards you should drop.

Discard High Point Cards

Always try to discard high points cards quickly, as it could save your game. Keeping high point cards such as Ace, King, Queen, or Jack to form sets and sequences can increase your points burden unless your opponent declares before you.

Learn the Pattern of Sequences

Most people have a common misconception that a sequence cannot have more than three cards, which is not true. A pure sequence or a sequence with a joker can have more than 3 cards. Preferably, hoard two-consecutive cards that can make a sequence. For example, if you hold a 7♥ and 9♥ while waiting for 8♥, you can also draw 6♥ and discard the 9♥. You can make the sequence with both 5♥ and 8♥ and trick your opponent into discarding the 8♥ if he has it.

Keep the Middle Cards

Hold on to your middle cards, as you can form more combinations with these cards than low or high-value cards. For example, a 7 of any suit can make a sequence with 5, 6 or 6, 8, or 8, 9 while a 2 can make a sequence with only 3, or 4.

Jokers are a Lifeline

In the game of rummy, joker takes you one step closer to your win. You can use them to your advantage at any time. Just make a Pure Sequence and use the available jokers to make the 2nd sequence. If you have already made two sequences, then use the available jokers to make other sets and sequences with high point cards. Jokers cannot be used in Pure Sequences, so don’t waste them on it.

Arrange your Cards

Organizing our cards according to their suits hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs will help you avoid confusion. The next step is to arrange them according to their color, red and black. Next, make a pure sequence.

Trick your Opponent

Be smart and make your opponent discard the cards that you require. For example, if you are thinking of making a set of three 8s and you currently have the 8 ♠, the 8♥ and the 9 ♣, consider discarding the 9♣. It will make the opponent consider discarding the 8♣ that will help you make your set. This process is known as Fishing.

Select Low-Value Cards

The purpose of rummy is to reduce your points to zero at the earliest. Even when you are losing, consider losing with lesser points. When you are playing with a large amount, every point counts and can cost you. So don’t rely solely on one card or suit. Plus, do away with the high-value cards as soon as you can and do it intelligently. Don’t remove the cards in a hurry though, you don’t want your opponent to pick one that he/she needs.

Watch but Don’t Let Others Read You

One of the basics of rummy is to keep track of your competition. If you can memorize their cards, it can reduce their chances of winning and increase yours. So if you see your opponent pick a 5♠ and 7♠, or some other suite, discarding a 6♠ won’t be a good move. Similarly, hiding your moves while picking can also help you. So unless you really need the cards your opponents are discarding, pick only from the hidden deck.

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