3 Essential Tips for playing 21 Card Rummy Game

tips for playing 21 cards rummy

A 21 Card Rummy Game is pretty similar to a T20 Cricket Game as you play rummy, it tests your mental reflexes in a more resolute fashion than any other Rummy variant. Anybody playing the 21 Card Rummy Game has to be solid on all fronts in order to emerge as a winner. A 21 Card Rummy Game with its wide range of meld possibilities and different show methodologies brings in a unique thrill to any Online Rummy Player as they play the rummy cash game.

While most of you reading this will already be quite familiar with 21 Card Rummy game  we advise you to go through the following rummy tips and tricks that will come in handy when you play a game of 21 Card Rummy online.

Sequences and Sets are not all that matter

Before you get started with a 21 card Indian rummy game, you need to decide beforehand as to how you are going to proceed with melding your patti. As you all must be aware, in the 21 Card Rummy Game, when players play in their own rummy time, players have the choice to declare a show by grouping cards into Pure Sequences, Dublees, Jokers or Tunnelas. depending on the kind of cards that have been dealt to you, may decide how to proceed further.

Make effective use of your Value Cards  

The Value Card can win any Player vital points. Player should check to see whether he is in possession of this prized set of patti at the outset, and plan their game strategy accordingly. There have been cases where a Player has won solely on the strength of the Value Cards under his possession even though he may have failed to declare a valid show.

Choosing between Playing Safe or Dropping Game

In 21 Card Rummy, there is the provision for Players to make sure they don’t lose too badly just by maintaining the right set of patti. For example, when opponent declares a show when you have 7 or more Jokers then you will earn only 2 points. Likewise, Player will earn only 2 points when he has six or more set of Dublees when the opponent declares show while playing this Indian Rummy game. One can, thus, ensure that his/her losses are kept to the minimum even though he/she may not have the best of cards. This option may work better than dropping the game altogether where Player may incur 30 or 70 points depending on whether it’s a First Drop or Middle Drop.

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