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Isn’t it a good thing to become a ‘pro’ in everything we do? Whether it is your career or your graduation; whether you are managing your finances, learning to drive, or playing games. Most of us like to play games on mobile in our free time. The games that are played by most Indians are card games and board games. There will be few people who haven’t played the game of ludo.

Ludo is such a board game that can be played by anybody, right from small children to senior citizens. Many people play it so much that they create a ‘ludo empire’. Today, you don’t even need a board, game pieces, and dice to play ludo. It is offered by many online platforms and can be played on your mobile too. What’s more? You can even win real cash prizes in ludo, just like you do in online rummy. Well, this becomes a strong reason why you should play the ludo game like a pro and build an empire in ludo.

Building an Empire

It is not easy to build an empire in anything you do, including building a ludo empire online, it takes time, but it is possible. The two basic things you must do, if you want to be on the path to strongly build a ludo empire, are:

  1. Keep on playing and keep on winning more ludo games.
  2. Be consistent in the above point.

If you know that it is easy to play ludo to build a ludo empire in game of ludo, still, the above two points are easier said than done. You have to have patience and perseverance, and then, eventually, you will successfully build a ludo empire online!

The beginnings

There could still be some Indians who don’t yet know how to play the game of ludo. Help is at hand for all of those. Before thinking of building a ludo empire, do read this article on learning to play ludo. If you want to know how to play the game of ludo in Hindi, then

To build a successful ludo empire online, it takes more than just playing the game; as said above, you must play more and win more ludo games, that too on a consistent basis. So, what needs to be done to increase your win percentage in ludo? What all tips and tricks you must use to win ludo games in order to build a strong empire in ludo? Let us go through the tips.

Ludo Tips & Tricks

There are thousands of players who have built a ludo empire, and more of them are in the process. If they can, why not you? Just learn and follow these tips to win a game of ludo and you will be on the right path:

  1. The first tip for you to build an empire ludo, is that you should open all 4 of your pieces in the first 4 instances of your dice getting a 6. You shouldn’t waste even one instance of getting a 6 on the dice, on any other move.
  2. After using the above tip, start playing such that you should spread all your pieces on the board. If you want to build a ludo empire online, surely use this tip. Ideally, there should be a healthy distance between every game piece of yours.
  3. It is said that ‘Attack is the best form of defence’. Hence, a crucial tip to building a ludo empire online is, you should always use an attacking strategy.
  4. Patience plays a big role in the game of ludo, if you want to put together a ludo empire. If you want to ensure the safety of your game pieces, you should have the patience to keep the pieces in one place for a few moves. This is better than starting all over again.
  5. To build a ludo empire game of ludo, you should try to block the pieces of your opponents, or better, try to send them back to the base.
  6. Perfectly know all the rules of the ludo game before starting to play. Half knowledge is dangerous.
  7. Never take it easy, never put your guard down. If you want to build a good ludo empire, you have to play every move according to strategy. It becomes difficult to win if your opponent throws any of your game pieces back to the base.
  8. Another tip to win the game and build a good empire in ludo is, you should know when to move which game piece on the board. There could be a chance to send the game piece of an opponent to the base, or your piece in the home boxes, etc.
  9. Out of the 4 game pieces, you can park one in the starting box for some time as that will make your opponents think many times before moving their pieces ahead of yours. This is a good tip to build your ludo empire online.
  10. The safe boxes are the key for you to avoid your game pieces from going back to the base. In the quest to build an empire in ludo, use them strategically, especially when a piece of any opponent is near your game piece.
  11. Many players have built a good ludo empire in the game by using the ‘Rule of 7’. It states that, if your game piece is ahead of your opponent’s piece, then stay 7 boxes ahead of that piece. Since the highest number on the dice is 6, your opponent won’t send your piece back home in one turn.
  12. One crucial tip for building a good ludo empire is: if any of your game pieces are near the final home boxes, then as soon as possible, bring it in the home box.


These 12 tips are important, and if you follow them, you are certainly going to build a ludo empire game. By practising these tips and tricks, you will surely play the ludo game like a pro. Once you get the confidence of regular wins, there is no stopping you. Besides using the above tips, just ensure that you keep playing and winning consistently. This way, you will realise your aim of building an empire in ludo.

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