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In India, Teen Patti is one of the most liked card games. Teen Patti is not just famous in India, but also throughout South Asia. It is also known as ‘Flash’ or ‘Flush’ in other parts of the world. It is a competitive card game that is played with a deck of 52 cards without any jokers. Teen patti requires at least 3 players to start the game and a maximum of 7 players.

The game starts with a sum received from the contestants. This sum is a minimum stake agreed upon by the contestants and is called ‘Boot Amount’ or ‘Initial Pot Amount’. This amount will increase as the game proceeds. In this article, you will know the right setup to play teen patti star online game, which can be played with computer AI or live with human dealers. We will also share some expert tips that will help you have an edge over your competitors and become a teen patti star.

How to play Teen patti?

Do you want to learn to play teen patti star game? It is different than Online Rummy. Here’s everything you need to know to play this fun game.

Step 1:

Placing the bet

The bet amount is collected from every player to form the initial pot that the players will play for. If the teen patti star game is played with a limit then the initial stake amount sets a benchmark as each game round is rounded off to a pot equal to 1024 times the initial bet amount.

Step 2:

Dealing of cards

To be a Teen patti star, the game begins with the dealer dealing three cards each to all the players in the clockwise direction.

Step 3:

Start acting

In Teen patti star games, it will be the player on the left of the dealer who will act first. He can either choose to play blind (without seeing the cards) or seen (after seeing the cards). If he plays blind, he has three options – fold the cards, put the same money as ante or raise the stakes.

If the player sees the cards and continues to play, he again has three options – fold the cards, call double the initial pot amount or quadruple the stakes, if he wishes to be a Teen patti star.

Step 4:

Continue acting in a clockwise direction

Continuing in a clockwise direction, every player has the option to fold, call or raise the stakes as a blind or seen player in Teen patti star game. The bet amount depends on the stake set by the previous player if he has played seen or blind.

In Teen patti star, new or old, if played blind, then the stake is either 1 time or 2 times more and if it is seen then it is 2 times or 4 times the bet amount. The stake for the player who is playing blind will be half of the stake of a seen player.

Step 5:

Request side-show (not mandatory)

In Teen patti star games, when there are 2 players acting seen after one another and the game has three players (minimum) in the game, the acting player can request a sideshow with the previous acting player. The asked player can take a call of accepting or denying the sideshow request.

In Teen patti star, play or gameplay, the next step is: If the player accepts the request, both of them (sideshow requested player and asked player) will show each other’s cards secretly (without letting others know). The player with the worst ranking will fold the cards and the other one will continue the game in Teen patti star, new or old.

Step 6

Demand a final show

In Teen patti star, play or gameplay, the sixth step is: when the players have folded the cards or side shown and only two players are left in the game, then one of the players can ask for a final show.

The player who has not demanded a final show can either call or fold the cards. If he calls, then both of them show their cards and the player with the highest ranking wins the pot in Teen patti star online game.

Step 7

Alternative showdown

When you play pot-limited teen patti star game, the alternative showdown takes place when the pot reaches its limit. For example, if the limit is set to 1024 times the initial pot value, all the teen patti star or stars are forced to show their cards.

Teen patti rules

Ace is ranked as the highest card while 2 is the lowest. To win the entire pot, you need to have the top 3 card hand. A real teen patti star will raise the stakes if he has a good hand. Below mentioned are the rankings of the cards from highest to lowest:

Rank 1

Set or trail

These are three cards of the same value/rank. Three twos rank the lowest while three aces rank the highest. This is a crucial rule in Teen patti star play or gameplay.

Rank 2

Pure Sequence

It is also known as a straight flush. A pure sequence is formed with three successive cards from the same suit. You should know this in order to be a Teen patti star.

Rank 3


This is also known as a run. A sequence is formed with three successive cards not from the same suit. Learn this rule in Teen patti star play or gameplay.

Rank 4


These are three cards from the same suit (not in sequence) in Teen patti star game.

Rank 5


Also known as pairs, this is when a player has two cards of the same value. If another player also has pairs, then the one with the highest value is the teen patti star winner. Know and implement this rule in Teen patti star play or gameplay.

Rank 6

High card

This is when none of the above rankings fit. A player can be a teen patti star winner with a high card when no sequence is formed, not all are from the same suit and there are no doubles.

Tips to win in Teen patti

The below-mentioned tips will help you become a teen patti star and win big!

  1. Learn the game

Ensure you learn the rules before playing teen patti star game. When you know the game and its rules, you can play well. It will help you know the moves you should be making at a particular time in the game.

  1. Start playing free game

Before you play a real teen patti star online game, play practice games. Learn and know how the game works before beginning to play for real money.

  1. Play blind in the initial round

In Teen patti star, win with this strategy: The strategy of playing blind in the initial rounds can confuse your opponents. This is because they won’t be able to guess the strength of your cards based on your body language which could make them fold their cards. You place smaller stakes and lose less when playing blind to be a star in Teen patti.

  1. Begin with smaller bet

Teen patti is not a time-bound game. In just one game, you get to play multiple hands. Starting with smaller bets will lower the risk of you running out of money too soon in Teen patti star, new or old.

  1. Neutral body language

Keeping neutral body language and a blank face will not let your opponents know the strength of your cards. This can confuse them. However, when you are playing the star teen patti game online, no one can see your face, which is a plus point.

  1. Don’t play big

If you want to be a real Teen patti star, have a good hand, and make sure you do not raise your stakes immediately. If you place a big bet, your opponents will understand that you have a good hand and may fold instantly. This will not let the pot grow and you would not win a huge sum.

  1. Keep a watch on your opponents

In Teen patti star, new or old version, be alert to see the opportunities you get. For example, when many of your opponents fold their cards, ensure to take advantage. If you do not have a good hand, you can choose to fold or bluff, the choice is yours.

  1. Request a sideshow

In Teen patti star, win with this tip: Take advantage of sideshows. Ask the fellow player to show his cards secretly. Remember that you cannot ask for a sideshow to a player playing blind. If you have a better hand, you stay or vice-versa.

  1. Fold or bluff

When you have a weak hand, you can either bluff or fold your cards. Bluffing will confuse the players and make them fold. When you play the star teen patti game online, you can bluff using your betting skills as no one can see your body language. If you are not confident about bluffing or think it will not work, you can fold your hand to avoid losing money.

  1. Fold if you are unsure

When you are not confident or unsure of your hand, it is wise to fold. This will help you lose only a small bet amount in Teen patti star online game.

  1. Do not be afraid to lose

In Teen patti star, new or old, you can’t win every round. If you have lost one round doesn’t mean you do not know to play. Be confident and do not be afraid to lose.

  1. Play within your limits

Before you start playing star teen patti online game, set a limit on the money you will play with. This will help you to not play above your limits. Make sure you do not bet money that you have kept aside for other important needs.

  1. Observe the game

Most people lose interest in the game after they fold their hand, but if you want to become a teen patti star and win big, ensure to observe the game throughout. This will help you understand your opponents and create a better strategy for upcoming rounds, to be a star in Teen patti.

Playing Teen patti is a Joy and fun times as it is truly an exciting and a thrilling game. This game is also called as the ‘Flash Card Game’.

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