Learn How to Play Flash Card Game

Learn How to Play Flash Card Game

When you hear the word ‘Flash card game’, which one of the card games comes to your mind? Because there are multiple games and variations in it. But the most popular flash card game in South Asia, especially in India, is ‘Teen Patti’, also known as ‘Teen Pathi’, meaning ‘three cards’. It is almost similar to the British game called ‘3 card brag’.

This Flash card game has contributed to India’s culture and religious celebrations for centuries especially played during festivals as a social game. If you ask any Indian how to play flash card game, do they know? Most of them will answer in the affirmative. So, how much are you familiar with Teen Patti?

Basics of Flash Card Game

A standard 52 card pack without a joker, is used to play the game in which the cards are ranked in the regular order as high card – Ace, right until Low card – number 2. One good thing about this game is that any number of players can play Teen Patti at a time, but the reasonable number is 4 to 7 players.

Before the game is started, as per the flash card game rules, all the players agree to a value of the minimum stake (let’s say one unit). All players keep this minimum unit in a pot in the centre, a collection of money that is the prize money for the winner.

Basic rules of Teen Patti

We will see the details of how to play flash card game after going through all the flash card game rules. Indian flash card game is similar to western poker, but the rules differ slightly. Let’s see the ranking of cards:

  1. Trial/Trio/Set: 3 cards having the same rank. 3 Ace cards are the highest set and 3 cards of twos are the lowest trio.
  2. Normal run: 3 running or consecutive cards, but not of the same suit is a normal run. A-2-3 is the strongest normal run, then it is A-K-Q. right until 4-3-2. The cards 2-A-K are not valid.
  3. Straight run: Same as above, but all 3 cards are of the same suit.
  4. Pair: A pair is 2 cards of the same rank. Always compare the pair first, between 2 such hands. Then compare the odd card if those are equal. Hence, the best pair becomes A-A-K and the lowest pair becomes 2-2-3.
  5. Colour: These are any 3 cards of the same suit. Compare the highest card when comparing 2 colours. If they are equal, compare the 2nd, if they too are equal compare the lowest card. The top most colour cards are A-K-J and the lowest ones are 4-3-2.
  6. High card: 3 cards that do not fall in any of the above categories are high cards. Here too, compare the highest card, then the 2nd card, then the lowest one. The best 3 cards in this category become A-K-J of mixed suits, and the lowest become 5-3-2.

The above information is crucial for you to know the basic flash card game rules. Now let’s move on to know the basics of how to play flash card game.

How to Play

In a clockwise style, each player gets one card at a time until all players get 3 cards by the dealer, who is selected randomly. Each player can either fold by not betting or do an additional bet to stay in the game. Players can either leave their cards face down on the table or choose to look at their hand before betting. One more among the flash card game rules is that, blind players can see their cards at any time in the game, but then they will become seen players.

Betting Process

The player to the left of the dealer will start the process and it will continue clockwise with players taking turns around the table. If a player decides to fold, he/she will sacrifice all the money he/she had paid permanently during the deal and drop out of the betting. How much amount should you put to stay in the game? That depends on the ‘current stake’.

  1. If you are a seen player, you should bet a minimum of twice the current stake and a maximum of four times the current stake. For the next player, the current stake then becomes half the amount that you have bet.
  2. If you haven’t seen your cards (you are a blind player), put in at least the current stake amount and a maximum of twice the current stake. For the next player, the current stake is the same amount that you put in.

Betting will continue in this way until any 1 of these 2 things happen: Everyone else but 1 player have folded. That 1 player is the winner and gets all the money of the pot, irrespective of the cards. If 2 players haven’t folded yet, one of those at their turn pays for a show. Cards of both players are exposed and compared.

Here are the flash card game rules for a ‘show’:

  1. A show will occur only if 2 players are left standing.
  2. The cost of the show for a blind player is the current stake paid in the pot, whether the 2nd player is blind or seen.
  3. You are not allowed to look at your own cards until you have paid for the show.
  4. The seen player can only drop or continue to bet if the 2nd player is blind. The seen player cannot demand a show in this case.
  5. In both the players are ‘seen’, either of them can pay twice the current stake for the show.
  6. Both players’ cards are exposed in a show and the winner of the pot is the one whose hand is higher ranking. If the hands come out to be equal, the player who didn’t pay for the show wins the pot.

The last step in knowing how to play flash card game is ‘sideshow’. If all the players are seen, instantly after betting the minimum amount at your turn, ask the player who bet just before you for a compromise, also called as a sideshow. That player has 2 options:

  1. If he/she accepts the compromise, the 2 players will compare their cards. The one with lower-ranking cards will fold, and if the cards are equal, the one who asked for the compromise will fold.
  2. If the sideshow is refused, the betting will continue as usual.

Tips & Tricks

After knowing in detail how to play flash card game and understanding all the flash card game rules, now is the time for you to know the common Tips & Tricks of this game.

  1. Always study and analyse your opponents and the pattern of their play.
  2. Always agree on the stakes you want to play with.
  3. Begin with small bets. Teen Patti is a test match, not a T20.
  4. Don’t be too expressive and don’t get emotional while playing.
  5. Play blind, especially in the online version. Restless players see their cards and give themselves away.
  6. Never be afraid to use the compromise option.
  7. Never give any indication of your weak cards, confuse others to the extent that they will fold.
  8. There is no such thing as a bad card in flash card game.
  9. Be prepared for any outcome, you will not win every round.
  10. When you are in doubt, fold. Keep observing the gameplay even after you fold.

If you want to read more about this game, check 2 more of our articles: One in English, and one in Hindi.

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