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Just like online rummy, even the Teen Patti game is popular among Indians, more than other card games in India. Crores of Indians have been playing this flash card game for centuries and even today lakhs of Indians play it on a regular basis. In the last decade, the number of players playing the Teen Patti game has increased manifold, all thanks to the online version of the game. Hence, the number of players who are masters of the game, or ‘teen patti master’ have increased.

Still, Indians wish to become a teen patti master online as they play the online version of the game. Even though not everybody gets to become a master in teen patti, lakhs of Indians still wish to be that. Teen Patti is not a difficult game to learn, and if you learn it properly, you will become a good player in it, sooner than you imagined. After that, nobody will stop you from becoming a teen patti master, apk of any teen patti app should be there in your mobile.

Know about Teen Patti

Teen patti is one of those playing card games that originated in the Indian sub-continent. The name teen patti in English means ‘Three card brag’. For centuries, many Indians have become teen patti master in game. It is closely connected with celebrations of Hindu festivals and is also known as a social game because many Indians gather during festivals and play Teen patti amongst their friends and family to become a teen patti master in game. Along with Indian rummy, teen patti has a rich history with Indians. Today, even the online version of this game has become popular among the Indians, and many of them have become teen patti master in online gameplay.

How to play?

Not everybody knows how to play this game, and if you are one among such people, then you are at the right place. Though, it won’t be explained here about the details of how to play teen patti to become a teen patti master, check this article about how to play teen patti. This game is also called as Flash card game in some parts of the world. Learn how to play Flash card game and make yourself ready to become a teen patti game master. Also, if you wish to read about learning Teen patti in Hindi, click here.

To be a Master

If you are thinking that knowing how to play teen patti game will be enough for you to become a teen patti master in online game or offline, then think again. It takes more than that; the first thing to do is, download teen patti, master the app usage, and start playing. The best thing to do to become a teen patti master in apk of any platform, you should know, master and use all the tricks and tips of the game. All those who have become a teen patti master in game, they have extensively used various tips and tricks to win matches and tournaments. So, let us know about all the tricks that you can use to win crucial matches in teen patti.

Tricks and Tips

Following are some of the Tips and Tricks that are used in the game of Teen patti by players who wish to become a teen patti master in 2022:

  1. When you begin the game or before starting, agree on the stakes with all your opponents. This is a basic tip for those wishing to become a teen patti master in apk of any platform. The stakes you want to play with, always confirm that, so as to avoid any confusion or issues later while playing.
  2. Those wishing to be a teen patti master, know that this game is like a test match, not like a T20. Always start with small bets and then gradually increase them. Those who are already master in teen patti, they may begin with slightly higher bets.
  3. Especially in the online version, but also in the offline one, play blind for becoming a teen patti master. Online & offline players are restless, they give themselves away by seeing their cards. Avoid doing this if you wish to be a teen patti game master.
  4. It is not good to get emotional while playing, because in this state, it gets difficult to make informed decisions and that is not good if you wish to become a teen patti master. Also, you should not be too expressive, as that could give rivals, an idea or hints about your cards or strategies. Doing this, you won’t become a teen patti master in apk of any platform.
  5. It is crucial to analyse and study your opponents if you want to know about their cards, their plans, gameplay, etc. this is important to become a teen patti master in game, to make counter plans or strategies to defeat them. Always study your opponents, their pattern of play, and then make your plans to win the game, so as to become a teen patti master.
  6. At any cost, you shouldn’t reveal or give any indication of your weak cards if you have any. To be a teen patti master, new tip is, to keep your cards to yourself, but also confuse your rivals so much, that they will fold their cards. A teen patti game master will always confuse his/her opponents, in order to win the match.
  7. If you are forced to or have to use the compromise option, just do it, don’t be afraid. Good players who are master at teen patti use this option whenever they need to.
  8. Speaking about weak cards, there is no such thing! Yes, there aren’t any bad cards in teen patti. Always remember this, and you are on your way to becoming a teen patti master in apk of any platform.
  9. There is no shame in folding; in fact, whenever you are in doubt, just fold. To become a good teen patti master online, keep watching the gameplay of your opponents even after you fold. This will help you to know their gameplay style, their strategies, etc. and this will help you in the next game. This is a good tip to become a teen patti master in game.
  10. Remember always, prepare yourself for any outcome. No player wins, or keeps on winning every match, even if he is a teen patti master. There will be losses, just don’t affect yourself by them, learn from them and aim for a win in the next match. This is a good quality of a master at teen patti game.

There are more such tricks to use in the game of teen patti, but you should know a far more important thing than this.

Make your own tricks!

It is not necessary that you should only use the above or other ready tricks to become a teen patti master. Remember, the tricks that are in use today, were invented or made by some teen patti player, who most probably was a master in teen patti. Either most of them were made by one player or each of the tricks was made by a different teen patti game master; the main point is, if they can make new tricks, why not you? In fact, it is better to play more, learn from these tricks and make your own tricks in teen patti to become a teen patti master. Apk of any platform is sufficient to play. The ability to make new tricks will not come instantly, but with practice, playing more of teen patti. Gold master will be the one who will make new tricks regularly and win crucial matches and tournaments regularly. So, encourage yourself to make new tricks and tips.

Usage of Tricks

In order to become a master in Teen patti, you learned that you must use tricks and tips to outwit your opponent and win matches. You also learned that you must make new tricks. But, it is equally crucial to use the tricks and tips at crucial times in the game, to become a teen patti master. Not every trick can be used at any time in the game. Some tricks are made for specific situations, if and when you face them. To become a teen patti master, new tip is, some tricks are such that they will be most effective in only certain situations in the game. So, which trick to use when, you will know only when you regularly practice playing teen patti. Master online game by playing more, and using tricks that are made by you, in specific situations of the game; it is as simple as that.


It is not easy to become a teen patti master. New beginning should be made in the form of joining an online platform that offers a good teen patti experience. So, download teen patti, master the usage of the app, learn the game, play the game, and use tricks to win. Keep playing regularly to become a real teen patti master in 2022. When you are playing this awesome and thrilling card game regularly, you should have only one aim in mind – to become a teen patti master.

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