Learn Rummy, Use Tricks, and Win Cash for Paytm

Learn Rummy and Win Paytm Cash

If you ask all the rummy players as to why do they play rummy? Most of them will answer this – to win real cash, apart from other answers. Players who play rummy cash games and win in them, earn real cash. Most of these players use the cash winnings in paytm for shopping. They usually play rummy game for paytm cash, so much, so that they associate paytm and rummy like ‘paytm rummy’! There are also players who have installed paytm for rummy, yes! just so that they could use the cash winnings in paytm! Are you one of those who want to play online rummy to win real cash and use it on paytm for shopping? Then you have come at the exact place.

It is not difficult to play rummy and win paytm cash. If lakhs of players are doing it, why not you? Learning rummy is easy and it does not take much time to learn rummy. Paytm cash, if this is your aim, then take steps to achieve it. You just have to do these things: learn rummy, play and win some cash games, and then use the cash in paytm. Rummy is one of the few card games that will let you spend on whatever you want in paytm. Rummy app of KhelPlay Rummy could be the perfect platform for you to achieve your aim by playing rummy for paytm cash.

Step 1: Download

If you are wondering why Khel Play Rummy? Then you must know that, it is the best rummy app for paytm cash. There is no rummy platform like KhelPlay in India or even the world. So, let’s begin the quest. You will find the cash app of KhelPlay Rummy on their website. Here’s the link to Download the KhelPlay Rummy app on your mobile. After installing, make an account. You should know that there is no paytm in rummy, it is a different app. What you can do in this rummy app is, you can win real cash by playing a rummy game for paytm cash.

Step 2: Learn Rummy

The reason why we suggested you to download the KhelPlay Rummy app first, is because it is better to learn the game step by step and execute your learnings after each step by playing the practice version of rummy game for paytm cash. Time to start the learnings.

Indian Rummy is played with 2 decks of 52 cards each, plus 2 printed joker cards. When it comes to the number of cards, KhelPlay offers 4 versions: 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards rummy. In other categorisation, you get to play Deals, Pool, and Points Rummy. Paytm cash is the reason why many players play these versions. Let us focus more on the version that is played the most on rummy platforms: the 13 cards Points rummy.

The Basics

The 13 cards points rummy can be played amongst 2 to 6 players on a table. Each player is given 13 cards at the beginning. Your primary aim is to meld all your 13 cards into proper sequences and sets before your opponents do the same to win paytm cash in rummy. Then do a valid show and win the match. The earliest you do this; the more real cash you will be able to win so that you will use it as the ‘paytm rummy cash’.

Before the initial cards are given to the player, one random card is taken out and it becomes the ‘wild card joker’. For e.g. if you remove the 6 of Diamonds as the wild card, then 6s of all 4 suits become the wild joker. Thus, in a game, there are 9 wild card jokers at play, 4 of one deck, and 3 of the other deck, and 2 are the printed jokers, since the one that is revealed, is kept at the bottom of the closed pile. This is the beginning to win cash in paytm. In rummy, there are 3 types of sequences you can make while playing rummy game for real cash paytm:

  1. Pure sequence: It is a group of 3 or more continuous cards of the same suit. E.g. the 2, 3, and 4 of hearts is a pure sequence. You can have a wild card as a part of a pure sequence. Another example is A-2-3. It is compulsory to make at least one pure sequence in your 13 cards, if you want to win cash for paytm in rummy game.
  2. Impure sequence: This one is a group of 3 or more cards that has a wild card joker. If in a game, the wild joker is 4, and you have a jack & a Queen card of clubs, you can group these 3 together. You can also use a printed joker as a wild card joker to win the rummy game for paytm cash.
  3. Set: This is a group of 3 or 4 cards that are of the same rank but different suits. Here’s an example: If you have a 2 of Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs, you can make a set. Here too, you can use a wild card or printed joker as a substitute. So, by making these 3 sequences, you can win real cash for paytm in rummy cash game. Now, let’s learn more about how to play rummy.

The Advanced

The rummy players who think of paytm and rummy as ‘paytm rummy’ also learned the game from scratch. Today, they win two things: winning in rummy plus paytm cash winnings. They have done a lot of shopping on paytm. Rummy app of KhelPlay Rummy was instrumental in them winning a lot of real cash. If you too want to win real cash for paytm in rummy, read along to learn rummy.

The game begins with a toss. Each player takes out a random card and the one having the highest value card starts the game by picking a card from the closed pile. He/she will either keep it and remove one card from their 13 or discard that same card onto the open pile, depending on whether that card was useful for any sequence, to win in rummy for paytm cash app winnings.

Then the next player will do the same. You can either pick a card from the closed pile or the open pile. This will continue until one player has melded all their cards into proper sequences/sets and is ready to win real cash for paytm in rummy cash game. If you have arranged all your 13 cards in perfect sequences, then to be officially declared as the winner, you will need to take the extra 14th card and place it for a show. The rest of the players will have to show their cards, and then you are declared as the winner. This way, you win real cash for paytm in rummy game.

Step 3: Use Tricks

Now that you know how to play a rummy game, you must know the next thing in it: Players often use different strategies and tricks to win in rummy game for paytm cash. You can start using the general strategies or make yours, plus you can use the common tricks so that you can win real cash for paytm in rummy. You should know one more thing: besides your main objective of melding all the cards before others to win real money for paytm in rummy app of KhelPlay Rummy, you have a secondary objective: to not let any of your opponents meld all of their cards!

This is another big reason players regularly use strategies and tricks to win in rummy. Paytm cash comes after all the hard work and smartness. Use some of the rummy tips and tricks given by KhelPlay Rummy to win real cash for paytm in rummy cash game. Remember, not every trick can be used at any point in the game, some of them need an optimum and perfect time. Learn this too, and be a master at playing rummy online to win in rummy plus paytm cash too!


All that we said above, first practice that in the practice games where you get unlimited free chips to win in rummy game. Paytm cash isn’t won here though. For that, you will need to play in the cash games in your own rummy time. But first, to play rummy and win paytm cash, you must master the game in the practice games, and when you feel genuinely ready for cash gaming, then only do your first deposit and begin playing cash games to win real money for paytm in rummy game.

Lakhs of Indians have won real cash in rummy. Paytm cash app then helped them in using or spending their winnings judiciously. If they can, why not you? All you need to have, are the apps of rummy plus paytm, and internet connectivity, that’s it. Realise your shopping wish list of paytm in rummy gaming activity.

After you have won real cash in rummy, you can withdraw it using the UPI of paytm in rummy withdrawals section. Now this money is ready to be used for you in paytm. So, isn’t it that easy to play rummy for paytm cash? If you have understood how to play rummy games online, win them using strategies and tricks, then you are ready and set to win in rummy for paytm cash.

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