How To Play Andar Bahar Card Game?

How To Play Andar Bahar Card Game | Andar Bahar Tricks & Tips

Card games are truly exciting and thrilling to play. You can never get bored playing them. There are so many playing card games which you can play using the deck of 52 cards. How many do you know, and have played? Whether you are playing Solitaire, Flash card game, or Indian Rummy, your spare time will be well spent by playing them. One more awesome card game is ‘andar bahar’. Have you played it? Do you know how to, or the rules? This article covers everything about the andar bahar game. Read along.

Intro & History

This ander bahar game is said to be originated in the city of Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka state. Besides the name ‘ander bahar’, it is also known by mang patta or Mangatha or Katti. In Tamil, it is known by the name Ullae Veliyae. Nowadays, even online andar bahar has become as popular as the offline version played for decades. Many people are now doing the andar bahar real money game download, playing it and winning lots of prizes. Now let us know how to play andar bahar card game.

How to play Andar Bahar?

The andar bahar game online is not that difficult to play and is very much different from online rummy. If we say in short, the dealer shuffles the deck and reveals a card as ‘Joker’. ‘Andar’ and ‘bahar’ are 2 betting sides. Win the bet by guessing which side the joker card will come.

Read along to know in detail how to play andar bahar. A standard 52 card deck is used to play andar bahar online game or the offline version of ander bahar. Besides the dealer, the game can be played by any number of players, who sit around the dealer by forming a circle.

The Procedure:

The andar bahar game begins when the dealer shuffles the cards thoroughly, then cuts them, then reveals one card face up. This one is the ‘joker’ or ‘trump card’ in andar bahar, which must be matched. You can also call this card as the ‘middle card’ because the two piles are mostly kept on either side of it.

It is easy to understand and learn how to play andar bahar. The word ‘andar’ means inside and ‘bahar’ means outside. Even in the Tamil language, the word ‘ullae’ is ‘inside’, and the word ‘veliyae’ is ‘outside’. Though in the andar bahar game online, the piles are simply kept to the right and left side of the middle card. The participants place their bets on either side of the piles which the dealer creates. All the players and the dealer in andar bahar online or offline should finalise the maximum and minimum bets in advance. Read along to further know more about how to play andar bahar game.

The dealer deals single cards from the remaining deck to the andar and bahar piles alternately as face up. The 1st card is dealt to the bahar pile if the middle card is red, otherwise, if it is black, then the 1st card is dealt to the andar pile. The deal will continue until a card appears that will match the rank of the middle card in offline or online andar bahar. Winners are those who bet on the pile where the matching card appears, whereas the other players lose the game.

The Payout:

This is the next step in knowing how to play andar bahar card game. Players have more chances of winning on the side where the first card was dealt, the 1st matching card will appear there, and even the payouts reflect this. On the side where 1st card was dealt in ander bahar, a successful bet is paid out at odds of 0.9 to 1. Whereas, on the side where the 2nd card was dealt, a successful bet is paid out at even odds (1 to 1). This is important to understand if you want to know how to play andar bahar online.

The colour of the middle card finalizes where the 1st card is dealt in andar bahar:

  • For a red middle card, a successful bet of 100 on bahar will pay 190 (90 more and your bet returned) and on andar, the same bet will pay 200.
  • For a black middle card, a successful bet of 100 on bahar will pay 200, and the same bet on andar will pay 190.

The chances of 1st matching card being on the same side as 1st card dealt is around 51.5%. This makes it easy to calculate that the house edge on a bet is 2.15% on the side where 1st card was dealt; whereas, on the side of the 2nd card, it is 3%.

The Variations:

This is the next and final step in knowing how to play andar bahar.

Bet no.1: It is not always necessary to select a card based on the colour of the middle card. Most of the time in online andar bahar, the 1st card is always dealt in andar and the 2nd card is always dealt in bahar. In such a case, the odds offered on andar are 0.90 to 1, and on bahar are 1 to 1.

Bet no.2 after seeing 2 cards: a player can place a further bet on each side after looking at the 1st two cards if none of them matches the middle card. This is the point where the odds in the favour of 1st match appearing on the side of the 1st card dealt, are more than average at the beginning of the game (51.88%).

There are other kinds of slight variations in the Mangatha, Ullae Veliyae, and Katti versions of andar bahar online game. But all in all, by now you know very well, how to play andar bahar card game. Now it is time to move on to rules and then to the online andar bahar tricks.

Rules of this game

It is essential to know all the rules of andar bahar after learning how to play andar bahar game. So, what is the objective of the game? It is to predict on which side, i.e bahar or andar, will the next card show up having the exact same value as the middle card. Here are the basic rules of ander bahar:

  1. The dealer must cut the pack of cards and reveal one card to be shown to all the participants, and that one becomes the ‘middle card’.
  2. Players have to place a bet regarding where will a card of the same face value appear: bahar or andar.
  3. Cards should be dealt to the betting spots of either andar or bahar.
  4. 2 cards will be dealt to each betting spot when additional betting is included. In such a case, players will place their final bets.
  5. After that, the cards must be dealt alternately to each betting spot.
  6. As seen in the ‘how to play andar bahar’ section, the round will end when a similar value card to the middle card, is dealt to either of the betting spots.
  7. You win if you have made a bet on the correct spot.
  8. Losing bets go to the dealer.

After knowing the rules above, let us understand and learn all the andar bahar tricks.

Tips and Tricks

Whenever you play any game, it is with only one intention: to win it, isn’t it? So for that, knowing all the online andar bahar tricks is essential. Following are some of the andar bahar tricks:

  1. Before you start playing the game, get to know about it as much as possible. Terms, rules, bets, etc.
  2. Not all the rounds of andar bahar are the same, always look out for variations. Even though the base may be the same, the details will be different. This is one of the crucial andar bahar tricks.
  3. During the gameplay, you can only select between two bets, so play smartly, don’t rush without thinking.
  4. You could get carried away while playing and forget about the table limits. Do not let this happen. Always check and know the table limits.
  5. Be disciplined about how much you are betting in andar bahar online. Set up a budget and always stick to it. Don’t go chasing losses.
  6. One good strategy in this game is: to be as close as 50-50 chance of winning. So, how to proceed with this? Simple, when you lose, double the bet; and when you win, return to the initial amount of bet.

Even you can make your own custom online andar bahar tricks besides the above, use them and win in the game. As you have seen, this andar bahar game is really different from rummy online or even other card games, but is equally exciting to play. What’s more, you can even win lots of cash prizes in it. Lakhs of Indians have done andar bahar real money game download and are playing and winning handsome amount of cash too. Hope you liked this article and really understood how to play andar bahar online, and also learned about the rules and tricks.

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