How To Play Bridge Card Game?

How To Play Bridge Card Game

Which ones among the various card games do you know or have played too? Indian Rummy has countless variations. Do you know how to play bridge card game? You may search online for ‘how to play bridge for beginners’, but the results won’t be that much easy to understand. Bridge game a.k.a. Contract Bridge, uses the usual 52 cards and is a trick-taking card game. There are quite a few variations in it, but basically, it features 4 players, 2 in 2 teams, and partners seat opposite to each other around a table.

Now, before you ask us how to play bridge game, you should know a little history about it. Bridge game is derived from ‘whist’ and has documented origins in France & Italy. It was first called ‘biritch’ in the 19th century, and over the years, have evolved to become the modern Bridge game of today, and lakhs of people all over the world know how to play call bridge. One more theory states that British soldiers invented this game during the Crimean War. They named it when they crossed the Galata Bridge, on their way to play cards in a coffeehouse.

Gameplay Overview

Coming back to – how to play bridge cards. Well, it’s not difficult if you know all the rules and gameplay. Also, why learn how to play bridge from somewhere else when you can read this article. As said above, 4 players play this trick-taking game having 13 tricks in a deal. Every player is given 13 cards from the deck and the trick starts when the player plays the 1st card. An auction determines the leader of 1st trick. Winners of previous tricks are the leaders of subsequent tricks. Each player plays one card clockwise and they must play a card of the same suit as the original card. When they have none, they can play any card. The player who has the highest ranked card with him wins the trick.

You must have noticed that besides telling you how to play bridge card game, we are also telling you the bridge card game rules. If there is a trump suit then cards of that suit are superior to any card of other suits. When a player or multiple players play trump when void in the suit led, then the highest trump will win.

Bridge Game Objective

One crucial part of knowing how to play bridge game is to know the objective of the game clearly. It isn’t simply taking the most number of tricks in a deal, but to be successful in estimating how many tricks a partnership will take. If anybody asks you how to play call bridge, you should be able to tell them most of, if not all, from this article.

Gameplay Details & Rules

Let’s get familiar with some more bridge card game rules. The 4 participants form 2 teams of 2 each, the team members sit in opposite directions in a square style. The auction is usually opened by the dealer who can do the 1st call too. A player may ‘double’ the last bid if an opponent made it; similarly, a player may ‘redouble’ the last bid if his/her teammate made it. If a player doesn’t want to bid, double, or do redouble, they must say ‘pass’. If all 4 players say pass, the round is passed out. This is crucial to understanding how to play bridge card game.

Points and Scoring

The bridge card game rules are not difficult to understand if you gradually and step by step understand how to play bridge cards. After the last trick is played (13th), the tricks taken by teams are counted and the points earned are entered on a scoresheet. When a team gets 100 or more points, it has won a ‘game’. A game can be made in more than a deal, by scoring 40 first, and 60 later. You can also score more than 100 points in a single deal by doing a larger bid. When the declarer wins odd tricks in excess, it is called ‘overtricks’. They are scored to the credit of their team as a premium score.

This amazing game has many other rules and terms like ‘vulnerable’, ‘honours’, ‘slam bonuses’, ‘unfinished rubber’, ‘back score’, etc. But for the basics, the above information is enough. After reading that, you shouldn’t doubt whether you know how to play bridge game or not. Now, let’s move on to another important part of the game.

Tips & Tricks

If until now, you have a good idea as to how to play call bridge, then it is really a good thing. But this was about playing the game, the next level should be about winning in it. Players do win card games, but most of them use various tips & tricks for that. After knowing bridge card game rules, here are some of the Tips & Tricks of this game:

When you become a Declarer:

  1. Do not play too quickly for the first trick. Plan your gameplay of a few tricks well in advance.
  2. Focus on the opening lead, so to remember it later. What does it tell you about the leader’s cards?
  3. Review the bidding in your mind. Estimate a general image of your opponent’s length and point count in the bid.
  4. Always count your winners, and also potential winners.
  5. Stick to one suit at one time. Until you have established your tricks, keep leading it.

When you become a Defender:

  1. Never lead unsupported Aces, except if the suit partner has bid.
  2. Don’t know what to lead? Go for the 4th best card in your longest suit, it’s often the safest. This is a crucial point in not just knowing the tips but also how to play bridge game.
  3. With attacking combinations, be on top of an honour sequence. You can use suits like KQx, QJ10x, J109x, AKxx, etc.
  4. As you play, keep a count of points and cards.
  5. Delays or wrong decisions may tell the declarer what cards you have. Always think ahead in advance and be ready for critical plays.

During a bidding:

  1. Raise only if you have a fit for a partner’s major. Otherwise, keep a simple bid.
  2. Keep searching for a major suit fit until you get it, even if you find a fit in a minor suit.
  3. Keep yourself low on misfits.
  4. Assume that your partner has a minimum point count until he/she tells you the opposite. The minimum responder range is 6-10 points and the minimum opening bidder range is 12-15 points.
  5. Never show your problems by thinking too long. When the opponent opened and if you have length in the suit and opening bid strength, but are still in doubt about what to bid, then just pass.

By now you must have realised, the bridge game is not as difficult to play as thought before. It is truly an exciting and thrilling card game to play with friends as a pastime. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete a game. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how to play bridge. This article will be a good beginning. Start playing and confidently answer if anybody asks – how to play bridge card game.

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