How To Win Gold In The Game Of Online Rummy?


When it comes to owning valuables, Indians love to keep gold. This precious metal has been ruling the hearts of Indians for centuries. It is said that, Indian women hold the most amount of gold with them, in the world. Even then, will anybody be satisfied? Rather, we will want more gold! And how to get it, if our primary incomes aren’t enough? One way is by playing online rummy! Yes, in this 21st century, you can play this thrilling game and besides winning real cash prizes, also win gold in rummy on a regular basis.

This game of skills is one of those playing card games, that has been played in India for over a century and even today, a few crores Indians play rummy regularly on various rummy platforms. Thousands of Indians have played rummy for gold and still do. If they have done it, why not you? Prizes like gold are on offer regularly on rummy platforms esp. in the Tournaments. Anyone can play rummy, gold real money prizes will be yours if you dedicatedly play this game regularly. Let us see how to win gold by playing rummy online.

Tips to Win Gold

Those who win gold as a prize in rummy, for them, it is ‘rummy gold’, because for that, they didn’t spend a single penny, just played a few games of Indian rummy. Now you will ask how easy it is to do that. Well, you just have to follow the following tips to get rummy gold. Online rummy tournaments you must play regularly for that.

  1. Play every Tournament

You shouldn’t miss out on taking part in rummy tournaments, even though all of them will not have prizes like rummy gold. Real cash prizes will be there in most of them. You will, at minimum, get a good practice of playing and winning rummy tournaments. When a tournament will have, in any other or KhelPlay Rummy app, rummy gold as a prize, then you surely must play it to win it.

  1. Create your custom plans and strategies

In your quest to win rummy gold in game of rummy online, the tried and tested methods won’t work always. To defeat your opponents, you must make your own strategies. Your opponents will not have any plans to counter your strategies. You should remember that even your opponents want what you want: rummy gold, real cash, etc.

  1. Play in your most comfortable variation

There are multiple variations of rummy game that you can play on the various rummy platforms. KhelPlay Rummy offers the following ones: Points rummy, Pool rummy (101 and 201), and Deals rummy (Best of 2, 3, and 6). These you can play with 10, 13, 21, or 27 cards versions. To win rummy gold, you must find the one version which is the easiest one for you to play. You can do that by trying a few (practice) games in all the versions and then conclude your favourite one. The most played version of KhelPlayers of KhelPlay Rummy is 13 cards points rummy to win rummy gold, real money, etc.

  1. Avoid taking a long break

When you are away from rummy games online for more time than needed, then it becomes difficult for you to find that winning rhythm again. Hence, it may become difficult for you to win rummy gold in game of rummy. Keep playing and practising some rummy at least once every alternate day. You may also miss out on any surprise or last minute tournament or promotion that involves ‘rummy gold’.

  1. Be a master at deceiving your opponents

This happens in every game and all players do it as a part of their strategy, but only those succeed who are good at it. In order to win gold in rummy india or Indian rummy, you must be an expert in tricking or deceiving your opponents. Force them into mistakes and get the cards you need. You should know to win crucial moments in a game in order to win rummy gold, real cash, other prizes, etc.

  1. Take advantage of every promotion

Almost every day you will get new offers and promotions on a rummy platform. Take advantage of them to win gold. Rummy is one of those card games in which you will not go many days without any new offer or promotion. There are regular offers of bonus, free cash, rakeback, cashback, etc. there will be promotions that will offer lots of prizes in gold. Rummy india or Indian rummy is all that you need to play.

  1. Keep learning

You shouldn’t keep doing only the same thing for months, like the same gameplay style or using the same strategies while playing online rummy game. If you seriously want to win rummy gold, real money, and other such prizes, then you should constantly upgrade or reinvent your rummy gaming. It could be a new rule, a trick or a strategy, learn it and implement it in your rummy gaming if you wish to win lots of rummy gold.

  1. Be a VIP player

To be a VIP player on a rummy platform is an esteemed position to be in. VIP players get many more benefits compared to regular cash players. If you wish to win rummy gold, real cash, and other such prizes in more quantities, then you must become a VIP player. There are exclusive tournaments and offers for VIP players at KhelPlay Rummy which all our VIP players enjoy to the maximum. So, for getting more of rummy gold game of rummy, try to be and stay a VIP player.

  1. No distractions during gameplay

Especially when important rummy matches are going on. This could mean losing out on lots of rummy gold, real cash, and other such prizes. Hence, ensure that whenever you sit to play rummy, you will not face any distractions from your family members, co-workers or anyone else during your travels, etc. to win gold in rummy, ensure that you finish all your tasks and that no work remains because of which you will need to get up in between your match.

These are the basic tips and not an exhaustive list on how to win rummy gold by playing online rummy on rummy platforms like KhelPlay Rummy. If you aren’t on any rummy platform, you have a couple of other things to do before these tips prove to be useful to you in winning rummy gold online.

Be on a Rummy platform

Whether you know how to play rummy, how to win a game of rummy or not, if you aren’t on any rummy platform, you should be, to win rummy gold, real money, and other such attractive prizes. Let’s take the example of KhelPlay Rummy – which is trusted by over 50 lakhs Indian rummy players. To play online rummy on this platform, head over to their website, download the apk file on your mobile and install it. This is the first step if you wish to win gold rummy.

You won’t be able to play the game instantly after installing it. Make an account by registering with your email or mobile number or social profiles. In the quest to win lots of rummy gold in game of rummy, you just completed the second step. Now you will be able to play rummy games, but those will mostly be practice or free tables. Here, you won’t be able to win any real prizes like cash or rummy gold. You will, at most, get to play in some free tournaments whose prize money will be lesser and never any gold prize. So, you will need to upgrade.

Make A Deposit

In order to win big prizes that involve rummy gold, real cash, and other such; you must become a depositor. Almost all the rummy platforms have attractive first deposit offers of bonus and cash, and KhelPlay Rummy leads in that department. After you’ve installed the app for rummy gold, and after your second step, now you will have to make a deposit in order to use that money and the bonus for playing cash games and bigger tournaments in rummy for winning gold in rummy.

In KhelPlay Rummy, on your first deposit, you get a 200% welcome bonus and free cash. This is a great way to begin your mission to win rummy gold, real cash, and other such prizes. Once you do a deposit, you unlock so many exciting tournaments and offers. Take part in them, avail them, use the bonus, and keep playing to win rummy gold in game of rummy. If you don’t know how to play rummy, you can learn the game, play in the practice games first, and then jump on to the cash games in KhelPlay Rummy app for rummy gold.


After reading this article, hope you understood that winning gold in rummy is not easy, but it is not that difficult either. Whether you are winning rummy gold, real money, or other prizes, it is imperative that you keep playing the game of rummy. Indians just love to possess gold, especially Indian women. To get more of this precious metal, rummy is an awesome way and you can just keep on winning rummy gold online, once you become really good at the game. You just have to keep on playing the skillful game of rummy, learn and practice the above nine tips and keep on winning rummy gold.

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