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If there is a game that is thrilling, skillful, stimulates our brain, can be played online with real people, and lets us win real cash, then only one name comes to our mind – Rummy. These many reasons make the game of rummy popular among lakhs of Indians and crores of people around the world. When you win a match, you win real money, it’s that simple! But what decides the winner? It is the calculation of points! The key is to keep them at the lowest. So, do you know how the points are calculated in online rummy? Read along and know more.

A deck of cards has, in all 52 cards. It contains 4 suits of 13 cards each. Each one of the 13 cards has a point value attached to it. The number cards from 2 to 10 has a point equivalent to its number. For e.g. 4 will have 4 points in all 4 suits, 8 will have 8 points for all 4 suits of 8, etc. face cards of Ace, King, Queen, and Joker has 10 points each. The printed Joker card get 0 points in rummy. Now let’s see the points calculation in 3 main versions of rummy – Points, Pool, and Deals.

Points Rummy

It is a single deal game where players play for points. The winner gets all the chips/cash whose value is pre-decided. Hence in points game, winnings = sum of all points of opponents’ x rupee value of point – Rake. Each player brings a maximum of 80 points to the table.

  1. Players who wish to drop out of the game before their first move, get 20 points, called as ‘First Drop’.
  2. Those who drop at any time during the game, get 40 points, called as ‘Middle Drop’.
  3. When a player does a valid show, then other players will get points equivalent to the value of cards that are not melded into any sequence/set.
  4. If a player does a ‘wrong show’, then he/she will get full 80 points.

Pool Rummy

It has 2 versions – 101 Pool and 201 Pool. These numbers are elimination points. The game is played in multiple deals (2 to 6). Players who reach 101 points, get eliminated and the last player on the table having least points, wins the game. Rules 1 to 4 of Points rummy also apply here. All the players, take part with a Buy-in amount. The prize money of the winner will be:

Prize money = Number of Players X Buy-In amount – Rake.

Deals Rummy

This version of rummy has 3 sub-types: Best of 2, best of 3, and best of 6. The winner is the one who gets least number of points after playing 2, 3, and 6 deals respectively. The rule no. 3 of Points rummy above, also applies here, but rules 1, 2, and 4 are not applicable, because ‘Drop’ option is not available in Deals rummy. It is only after you try and play all the above rummy types, that you will fully understand all the rules and how the points are calculated. The main aim is to keep your points to the lowest, zero in Points rummy, and win the game.

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