Malamaal Dussehra Tournament

Malamaal Dussehra Tournament

Play rummy online for cash on these nine days of Navratri and win cash and access ticket every day. Then play rummy card game at the grand Dussehra day finale and win from a guaranteed prize pool of Rs. 10 lakh.

Tournament Details:

Malamaal Dussehra Shootouts will be conducted from 10th to 19th October 2018 at 4:00 pm. Entry is free and a total of 2000 players can participate. If you win the shootouts, you earn a finale ticket. Over 200 finale tickets to be won daily!

In addition to Malamaal Dussehra Shootouts, KhelPlay Rummy will be conducting Malamaal Dussehra Super-Shootouts from 10th to 19th October 2018 at 8:00 pm. A total of 100 players can participate and the entry amount for this super-shootout is Rs. 50. There are 25 tickets to finale and Rs. 5000 cash prize daily up for grabs in this offer.

And finally comes the Malamaal Dussehra Finale. In the Malamaal Dussehra Tournament 10 lakh GTD tournament, the buy-in is tickets from shootouts and super-shootouts. The Malamaal Dussehra Tournament 10 lakh GTD tournament will be conducted on 19th October 2018 at 9:00 pm. Maximum number of players for this tournament is 2025 and the number players chosen as winners will be 2025. The first prize for this tournament is Rs. 50000, second prize is Rs. 25000 and third prize is Rs. 10000.

Terms and Conditions of the Malamaal Dussehra Tournament:

  • All cash depositors can participate in the Malamaal Dussehra Tournament.
  • Shootouts and super-shootouts will be 3 level time based tournament, and prize distribution will be based on player’s final position.
  • Re-Buy allowed in first 2 levels of Shootouts and super-shootouts with Rs. 50 for 1000 chips in 1st level and Rs. 100 for 2000 chips in 2nd level.
  • Re-buying amount will not be clubbed with prize money.
  • Finale will be 3 level time based tournament, and prize distribution will be based on players’ final position.
  • Cash winnings will be remitted in the Player’s KhelPlay Rummy account by the end of the tournament day and the same are non-withdrawable.
  • TDS will be applicable as per IT rules on Player Winnings of `10,000 or more.
  • Re-Buy allowed in first 2 levels of Finale only with `100 for 2000 chips in 1st level & 200 for 3000 chips in 2nd level.
  • Employees of KhelPlay Rummy are not eligible to participate in the tournament.
  • All tournament rules and terms & conditions as well as general terms & conditions will be applicable.
  • This tournament is subject to the sole discretion of management at, management has the right to withdraw this tournament anytime without prior notice.
  • KhelPlay Rummy management will have the right to publish the list of beneficiaries of this offer on social media at any time it deems fit.

About Dussehra

Dussehra also known as Vijayadashami is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri every year. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. In the southern, eastern and northeastern states of India, Dussehra marks the end of Durga Puja, remembering goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura, the buffalo demon, to help restore dharma. In the northern and western states, the festival marks the end of “Ramlila” and remembers God Rama’s victory over the Ravana.

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