Rules, Terms and Condition for all Tournaments

  • Every registered KhelPlay Rummy player who has a completed profile and has verified email and mobile number is eligible to play both the free and cash tournaments.
  • There are two types of tournaments played on KhelPlay Rummy
    • Time based Tournaments – within fixed time players need to complete the game/s of tournament
    • Round based Tournaments – number of deals would be fixed in these tournaments
  • All tournaments have auto play mode in every round and level. In case player fails to join after registration or gets disconnected due to network problem or fails to respond during a game, their turn will go in auto mode thereby giving opportunity for a player to rejoin
  • In case of a/the player(s) being inactive, the auto mode would be instantly activated with timers disabled. This will allow active Tournament participants to enjoy the game without waiting too long for their turn. The inactive players would obtain points as per standard game rules on the basis of which chip calculation will be done and their final position in Tournament will be decided.
  • Any time join facility is available for the first round and level for most tournaments as far as player has sufficient chips to play the tournament.
  • After registration a player can cancel participation in Buy-In based tournament any time till registration is open and the Buy-In, if any, will be remitted to their cash account on cancelation. Once the tournament is closed, player cannot cancel their participation. And amount will be deducted from their respective account.
  • All tournaments will be of 13 Cards Point Rummy game type and all rules of the same will apply including points for Full Count and various drops as under:
Full Count First Drop Middle Drop First hand show
80 points 20 points 30 points 40 points
  • A tournament will stand canceled if total registration for a tournament is less than 25% of the count of maximum allowed participants for that tournament. In such cases, Buy-In, if any will be refunded and the amount will be remitted to the account of the registered participant(s). Management reserves the right to change the % according to the demand of the game as and when required.
  • If two players have the same number of points in the final round of any tournament, prize will be distributed as below:
    • If two players attain first rank then sum total of 1st and 2nd prize amount will be equally divided between the two players. 2nd and 3rd ranked Players will thus get the prize amount for the 3rd and 4th position. Retrospectively thereafter all winning players’ prizes would change based on their rankings, if applicable.
    • If two players are in 2nd position with same points then sum total of 2nd and 3rd prize will be equally divided between the two players. The 1st ranked player will get the pre-determined 1st prize while the 3rd ranked Player will get the Prize Amount for the 4th position. Retrospectively thereafter all winning players’ prize would change based on their rankings, if applicable.
    • If two players are in the 3rd rank then 1st and 2nd ranked Players will get the pre-determined prizes while the sum total of 3rd and 4th prize will be equally distributed between the two players holding the 3rd rank. The 4th ranked Player will get the subsequent prize amount, if there is any, for that tournament or else s/he will be considered to have lost the tournament. Retrospectively thereafter all winning players prize would change based on their rankings, if applicable
  • Registration for any tournament will close 5 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  • In case a tournament is canceled for any technical reasons, players will be refunded the Buy-In (if applicable) and the same shall reflect in their account.
  • Example chart for time based tournaments.
Level-Round 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level
Chips Reload 1200 1600 NA
Re-join amount 10/-* 20/-* NA
Point Value @ 5 per point @ 10 per point @ 20 per point
Minimum Eligibility 400 800 1200
Chips allotted 1200 Carry forward from level 1 Carry forward from level 2
First Drop Calculation 100 200 400
Middle Drop Calculation 150 300 600
Level-Round Chips Reload
1st Level 1200
2nd Level 1600
3rd Level NA
Level-Round Re-join amount
1st Level 10/-*
2nd Level 20/-*
3rd Level NA
Level-Round Point Value
1st Level @ 5 per point
2nd Level @ 10 per point
3rd Level @ 20 per point
Level-Round Minimum Eligibility
1st Level 400
2nd Level 800
3rd Level 1200
Level-Round Chips allotted
1st Level 1200
2nd Level Carry forward from level 1
3rd Level Carry forward from level 2
Level-Round First Drop Calculation
1st Level 100
2nd Level 200
3rd Level 400
Level-Round Middle Drop Calculation
1st Level 150
2nd Level 300
3rd Level 600

Note: Chips allotted at the start of the tournament, or chips bought to rejoin or continue to play a tournament, or chips won and carried forward from one level to another level and all other chips allotted during the course of a tournament are virtual chips and they will be deemed as nonexistent after the tournament ends. Any demand for those chips by player after the tournament ends will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Note: For Tournaments played on Mobile App, Players will only be able to play one Tournament at a time.

  • Tournament Buy-In will be directly deducted from the player’s cash account on Players should ensure that they have the required balance in their account before they register for the tournament.
  • Winning amounts of the Tournament will be directly credited to Players' KhelPlay Rummy account after deduction of the application of TDS if any. If TDS is deducted, the Winners need to submit a copy of their PAN Card without which they won't be able to withdraw their Winnings. Once they submit the PAN Card copy, they can withdraw as per the Withdrawal Policy of KhelPlay Rummy.
  • Cash amount won from free (Entry Free) tournaments cannot be withdrawn. But instead player can play cash games using the winning amount, and if cash is won in those games then winning amount can be withdrawn.
  • Prizes in kind, if any, will be delivered to players registered address after receiving TDS amount from players.
  • Some tournaments require eligibility of participation which would require player to go through terms of individual tournaments.
  • If fraud team detects & identifies any fraud activities from an individual or group of players, and if the player(s) has accumulated Winnings, all the prizes, whether Cash or in kind, will be forfeited.
  • If any dispute emerges in terms of winners, rank, position, participation, prize, registration, waiting, eligibility to play or any other related to prizes, decision of will be final and binding.
  • Seating arrangement will be decided randomly by system. Once a player takes a drop in any deal of game in time based Tournament, then system will automatically make the player sit at a place where a new deal is to start on same level.
  • Some tournaments have break time between rounds or levels while others have no break time. This will differ from tournament to tournament.
  • Players will be solely responsible for any disconnect caused due to their poor internet connection. will not be held responsible for any such issues with individual connectivity unless such disconnection or untoward incident or technical snag is attributable to portal or system.
  • Due to any technical snag, major break down or any unknown issues or natural calamities due to which running tournament is stopped or cancelled, will refund all participants their Buy-In and/or Re-buy fee (only towards such impacted tournaments) which will be credited to respective player(s) account.
  • All Tournaments will be displayed within Tournament Lobby, with complete detailed view of tournaments including total prizes, Buy-In, and time of tournaments, estimated playing time, and number of prizes.
  • A reminder pop-up will appear announcing the start of tournament to all the players who have registered and are already logged in while tournament is about to commence. All those players who have logged in after the start of tournament would need to click on Take a seat of their registered tournament from the lobby.

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