Online Rummy’s Increasing Popularity in Kerala


One line comes to our mind when we think of Kerala – It is God’s own country. It truly is, with all the beaches, flora & fauna, greenery all around. You will find nature in all its glory which includes lush tea plantations, famous hill stations like Munnar, and clean beaches along its big coastline. Along with Nature, even the natives of Kerala are warm, welcoming, and always with a friendly nature towards all tourists. People of Kerala are sports lovers; many are die-hard football fans.

But do you know of one more factor that should be associated with Kerala like the above? It is Rummy. Thousands of Keralites have been playing card games for ages and continue to do so. Among these card games, the popularity of online rummy has been increasing with each passing day. Today, online rummy game has reached every corner of Kerala.

Where Education & Skills come together

Kerala is a state with the highest literacy rate in the country, which is more than 90%. It wasn’t achieved overnight, but from the 19th century itself when education was ensured for all by the royalty. After gaining Independence, the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority ensured education even for the poorest, ensured the development of skills for the lesser privileged.

Speaking of skills, which other game is better than Indian Rummy, if you want to enhance multiple skills in you? Keralites know this better and hence, the rummy game is popular and becoming more popular in the state. Playing Rummy online is truly a relaxed and fun way to develop your skills like Observation, decision-making, strategy, analysis, developing your own tips & tricks, etc.

Ban and its Upliftment

Beginning of 2021, the Government of Kerala notified that online rummy was not exempted from the general provisions related to gaming and gambling in Section 14A of Kerala Gaming Act, 1960. They inferred that rummy online isn’t a game of skill, which was completely wrong. Rummy online platforms appealed in the court, but the ban remained until the month of September.

On 27th September 2021, after a lot of debates, arguments, and hearings, the Kerala High Court reconsidered this decision and lifted the Ban, much to the excitement of all Rummy lovers in the state. The High Court inferred that Online rummy game, is a game of ‘mere skill’, it shouldn’t be counted in the category of ‘gambling’.

The Comeback of Rummy Gaming in Kerala

The removal of Ban was indeed great news for all the Rummy platforms, including KhelPlay Rummy. Now there aren’t any issues to play rummy in Kerala. Just like other rummy platforms, KhelPlay Rummy introduced exclusive offers, tournaments, and promotions to welcome back all the Keralites into rummy.

People of Kerala downloaded and liked the new KhelPlay Rummy app that has a better User Interface, more features, and which gave an overall enriching experience of playing rummy online. Now, gradually it has become a common and favorite activity for all Keralites to play rummy games online in their free time. People here, leave no chance to enhance their skills not just via education, but also via gaming. No doubt, why online rummy is so popular in Kerala and will continue to be so in the future.

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