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Rummy is one of those card games, in which many players, once when they start playing, they just can’t get enough of it! It is truly a thrilling and exciting card game that has been played by Indians since over a century now. Now in the last decade, the online version of rummy began and has grown manifold. So many rummy platforms have come into existence and more Indians are now trying their hand at playing the rummy game.

One of the rummy platforms that began its journey in the year 2012, is KhelPlay Rummy. Since then, we have grown into a top rummy platform in India with over 60 lakhs Indians trusting us and becoming our ‘KhelPlayers’. They really love to play rummy on our platform and play regularly, even in tournaments. You might be wondering if players love to play rummy, can they play more than one game at a time? The answer is – YES!


It is absolutely possible to play online rummy at more than one table at a time. Many rummy platforms provide this feature – ‘Multi-tables’. Even on KhelPlay Rummy, you can play Indian rummy in your own rummy time on up to 3 tables at a time! You can start a rummy game on one table in the beginning, then add a second game, and then, you can begin a third rummy cash game. How to do it? let us understand in detail, about playing multi-tables in Khel Play Rummy, on the app, as well as, on the web interface.

On The App

When you open the KhelPlay Rummy app, you get the default home screen or home lobby where you will see ‘Points Rummy’ and the various options to play it in cards type and no of players. On moving left or right you will get the Deals or Pool rummy options. On the bottom, you can choose between cash rummy, tournaments, and practice games to play online rummy game.

Let’s take an example: start playing the 13 cards points rummy of 2 players in a practice game. When the game begins on the table, notice the yellow button on the bottom left corner. It is ‘ADD GAME’, tap on it. A new window will open where you can select various options: Cash, Practice, and Tournaments. Pool, Deals, or Points. No of cards, and the buy-in. Select your option and then tap on the green button of ‘PLAY’. You will see two game buttons on the bottom left, besides the add game button. You can toggle between them to play your turn. Likewise, you can repeat the steps for the 3rd table.

On The Web Interface

After doing your login on the web interface (laptop or desktop web browser), you will get a colourful home screen that shows various offers. On the top right side, there will be a green button – PLAY RUMMY, tap on it. A new window will appear, select any one version to play and begin the game. Once the game table appears, notice the blue coloured button ‘LOBBY’ in the bottom left corner, tap on it. You will be taken back to the previous screen where you can again select a new game. After finalizing the versions, no of players, etc, tap on play. Now you will get another window on the bottom left beside the lobby button and the 1st game. Here too, like the app, you can toggle between them to play rummy. You can repeat the above steps to start the 3rd game.


But do you think it is that easy to play rummy online on 3 tables at the same time? Even 2 tables? Have you attempted this even in the offline version before? A word of advice for all the players will be – if you are going to play online rummy cash games on more than one table, try it first in the practice games. Master 2 tables first, then 3 tables, only after you regularly win and gain confidence, that you attempt to play classic rummy on 2 tables in the cash rummy version.

Pro Tip: Initially, you play on 2 or 3 tables only in one rummy version. If you are playing 13 cards points rummy on 1st table, then go for this same version also on the 2nd and 3rd table. Once you have mastered this gameplay, then you can try out 2 or 3 different versions on different tables.

No player would want to suddenly start playing on 2 tables in cash games and then lose money in both the games. But then still, when the game itself is thrilling, imagine how thrilling it will be to play 2 or 3 games at a time. When you have got the feature, the license to play on 3 tables, and when hundreds of players do it, and win real cash prizes too, then you surely must attempt playing multi-tables in online rummy. After all, who wants to miss the chance to win real cash prizes from 3 rummy tables at a time?

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