Playing Rummy on KhelPlay Rummy App

KhelPlay Rummy App A few years back it was a PC which was acknowledged as the most used device around the globe. But, with the advent of the smart phone and tablets and platforms like iOS and Android it is mobile phones which has earned its place as the most used device in the world.

The smart phones capability to go beyond a device solely used for calling gave rise to various useful applications for the mobile called Apps. Some of these Apps come with promises to give you endless entertainment and KhelPlay Rummy App is one of its kind.

Launched in the start of the 2015, KhelPlay Rummy mobile App is a full featured application which allows mobile users to join and play online rummy games played on in real time. Here are some of the many reasons why you should have the KhelPlay Rummy App if you are an online rummy enthusiast.

  1. The KhelPlay Rummy App is free to download and install, which means you actually don’t spend anything to buy this fabulous app.
  2. Available for Android and iOS users.
  3. The KhelPlay Rummy App allows players to join a live table online on the website and play a rummy game in real time with other real players across the web.
  4. It is the only rummy app in India that allows players to also join a cash table and play a cash game to win cash prizes.
  5. The KhelPlay Rummy App allows freedom to the player play a rummy game while traveling or when on the move.
  6. It allows player to access and play a game anytime from anywhere, i.e. when waiting at stations or airports, etc.
  7. In case of power outage or any other reason for instant shutdown of a PC, a player playing a game during such an incident can instantaneously switch to KhelPlay Rummy App on the mobile and continue with the game where it was left.
  8. The app has almost all the features of the website, so you literally experience the same fun playing a game on the app as on the PC
  9. Take benefits of the offers which are exclusive for the users of KhelPlay Rummy App

Freedom, exclusivity, convenience, tempting offers and much more is what makes KhelPlay Rummy App a much have for your Android and iOS based mobile phones and mobile devices.

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