Start Playing Rummy for Cash with only Rs. 4

Play Cash Rummy with only Rs 4We invite all Rummy Lovers to start playing Rummy for Cash with only Rs. 4. Yes, with KhelPlayRummy’s new points rummy tables of 5 paise per point, you can play online rummy with only Rs. 4.

We are happy to launch 5 and 10 paise per point rummy tables in 13 cards rummy format and 5 paise per point in 21 cards rummy format.

If you are new to playing rummy online, we encourage you to play the new tables launched because this will enable you to learn and play points rummy by investing less amount. Once you master the point rummy format, you can switch to higher points tables.

Read about other rummy variations like Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, 21 cards rummy and Rummy Tournaments.

Keep Playing Points Rummy

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