Rummy Online Poll: Select Any One

It is no wonder that online rummy has become so popular in a country where playing card games has been a common occasion for centuries. When you play rummy, you escape from the worries, tensions and hectic daily routine life, and enjoy a few minutes of gaming thrill. But, even in rummy, you are faced with a situation that, you have to choose one among two options. Sometimes it is easy, but at other times, it isn’t! have you come across any of the following options? Which one will you go for among these?

  1. Cash games or Tournaments

You can play cash games at any time of your convenience whereas Tournaments are held only at specific times and you have to be online at that time. But you can win more money in Tournaments as compared to individual cash games. It all boils down to how much time you have for playing Indian rummy and how much prize money does the Tournament have.

  1. Multi deck or Single deck

If you are playing a game where 2 or 3 decks of cards are used, then more time may get consumed, but you get more options and possibilities of completing your sets/sequences and also dublees. A rummy game where a single deck of cards is used gets over in quicker time comparatively. A Single deck of cards is mostly used in a 10 cards rummy of 2 players.

  1. 6-player game or 2-player game

Do you like to see 5 opponents on the rummy table or only 1? Here again, the factor of time comes into play. If you have only a few minutes for an online rummy game, then face only 1 opponent. A 6-player game is more thrilling, fun, action-packed, rewarding, and you get more time to think and strategize between 2 rounds.

  1. Drop or Keep playing

You can drop from a game at 2 times: before the 1st round is played (First Drop), or any time after that (Middle Drop). This is very tricky to decide and you have to become an expert at making this decision. Sometimes, you will better benefit by taking the 1st drop, sometimes, if you keep playing, you can win from a losing position too!

  1. Mobile data or WiFi

When you don’t have any access to any Wifi connection, then your only option is mobile data. Do check if you are getting maximum network in your mobile. We prefer Wifi because it will give you a smoother & uninterrupted rummy games online experience.

  1. PC or Mobile app

The advantages of playing in a mobile rummy app are: You can sit anywhere in your house, also play anywhere in the world like trains, buses, etc. but you have to keep an eye on the battery too. PC offers a bigger UI experience, but unless you have a UPS, what if the electricity goes off suddenly?

  1. Bonus or Instant Cash

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to make a choice between these 2 offers, but when you have limited funds to deposit, and both offers are available, make a wise choice. Check, in which offer will you get more returns.

You can always do like this in rummy online: on one day, you select one among these two options, and on another day, you go for the 2nd one! So simple! Each option has its plus points, you just can’t always keep taking bonuses and never take Instant cash. It is truly an awesome feeling to play rummy games online and take advantage of all the offers/promotions and benefits.

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