Why Karnataka People Love To Play Online Rummy?

Karnataka People love to Play Online Rummy

A vast coastline of 200 miles, the largest monolithic statue in the world, UNESCO’s Bio-diversity hot-spot in western ghats, the grand Mysore Palace, and many more such marvels; you will find only in the diverse state of Karnataka. Now add one more word to Karnataka – Rummy, or Online rummy. This is because this game of skill has been played by all the Kannadigas right for centuries, will now be played again after many months!

Are there any other card games that are loved by the Karnataka people as much as Indian rummy? Surely not. Even if there are free card games, most Kannadigas just don’t think beyond the game of Rummy. Culture of Karnataka for centuries have been such that people there were always encouraged to play sports; because when they play rummy, they make memorable moments with their friends.

The Advent of Online Version

Since the turn of the millennium, the online version of the rummy game was introduced and many thousands of new people also started playing the skillful game of rummy. They learned the A-2-3 of rummy, all the rummy rules, tips & tricks, etc. it didn’t take much time for the online version of the rummy game to become popular in Karnataka.

We can say by the fact that, when Khel Play Rummy began operations in the year 2012, in just a few months, we had more players from south India, including Karnataka, than other parts of India added together. People of Karnataka just love to play online rummy cash games, they never like to miss their regular and special ‘rummy time’ with friends and family.

But Why Love Rummy?

Kyuki, rummy ka game hai hi aisa. Bohot saare reasons hai ki kyu Kannadigas khelte hai roz rummy. It will be difficult for you to find any other playing card games that give the kind of thrill, excitement, and many other such emotions, that you get while playing rummy games online. Not to forget the main reason, that playing online rummy game let you win thousands and lakhs of real cash prizes and other attractive prizes on a regular basis by participating in special promotions and playing in rummy Tournaments. Rummy lets you de-stress after a hard day at work, it lifts your moods and relaxes you in a fun way, i.e. by card gaming.

The Ban and Upliftment

Everything was going well for the Kannadigas regarding rummy online, until one fine day – 21 September 2021, the state government imposed a complete ban on gambling in the state, which also included games of skills like rummy. It came into effect on 5th October. But many knew, including rummy was completely wrong, because it was a game of mere ‘skill’, rummy cash game just didn’t fit in the category of gambling.

Hence, it was challenged by many in the court, including the AIGF (All India Gambling Federation). Finally, after many months of deliberation & debates, the state high court overturned the ban on rummy in Karnataka 14th of February, 2022. This paved the way for Khel Play Rummy and all other rummy platforms to restart their services again. Life came full circle. Rummy game & tournaments were restarted again.

Seriously, the rummy lovers of Karnataka were happy a lot, KhelPlay Rummy too, were happy a lot. It is really a win-win situation for all. We greeted all our fellow rummy enthusiasts from Karnataka with special & exclusive offers. Kannadigas have again started to show & develop their skills in rummy because the Karnataka people really love to play online rummy!

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