Secrets of Rummy Playing Cards You Should Know!

Secrets of Rummy Playing Cards

Among many card games, Rummy is one that requires you to utilize many skills like observation, strategy, analytics, etc. but is still not 100% predictable. In just one move, a probable loser can win the game. This is why rummy is so popular, exciting, and thrilling to play. Many players admit that they don’t get the same engagement by playing card games other than Indian rummy. Lakhs of players use thousands of different secret tricks to win the game. Do you know any of them? Besides that, also get to know some exciting trivia of the rummy game:

  • Some say you should do acting to confuse your opponents, but for most of the time, do not express yourself. You should balance control, skills, and strategies and prevent your opponents to sense your next move.
  • Prefer using the closed pile more than the discarded pile as you play rummy, otherwise your opponents will understand what cards you need.
  • Always keep a track of your game plan. To fairly predict which cards are left with your opponents, keep an eye on the discarded cards.
  • After going through the above trick, if you are mostly certain that your opponents have much better cards, and the game is just about halfway there, a wise decision would be to drop out.
  • Bluffing is a good way to confuse your opponents. Discard your low value cards in the beginning, so that your opponents will fold their hand. This will surely put you in a better position than before.
  • Many researches and studies have proved that players who are regularly playing rummy games online, have improved judgement, cognitive skills, and a better understanding of Mathematics. All the more reason for you to keep on playing online rummy game, right?
  • It is better if you devise your own game plan, instead of practising the usual ones. Custom game plans will not be understood or countered easily by opponents. But this will come with great learning, practice and patience.
  • As you play, and keep playing more rummy games, train your brain, do enough mental exercise to increase your memory power. Memorise the cards. A strong game plan relies heavily on this ability.
  • Ensure that you are not playing under the influence of any emotion. If you are tense or sad, then it will be difficult for you to think clearly. Also, never instantly accept any move made by an opponent, they might be tricking you. Enjoy playing the game of rummy every time.
  • One of the well-kept and mysterious secret of rummy playing cards: a run can have more than 3 cards in a game of rummy! If you’ve got it, just use it.
  • Watch out for smart cards, these can make a sequence with 4 other cards. For e.g. 7. It can complete a suit with 5 & 6, and also with 8 & 9.
  • Never wait for a long time for a card to come up to you. Think smart, play smartly with the cards you have got.

You can say that the above secret tricks of online rummy are just like the tip of an iceberg. There are more of these, and we will reveal them to you in future articles for sure. To know the basic tips & tricks for 13 cards rummy, click here. So, the next time you play rummy online, which one of the above tricks will you use?

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