How Can You Confuse Rummy Opponents to Win the Game?

How Can You Confuse Rummy Opponents to Win the Game?

By constant practice, it is easy to master the art of fooling or confusing your opponents. However, you should be an excellent rummy player who is well versed with all the rummy rules and known how to online rummy for money. Once you have excelled at enhancing your rummy skill sets, you can start learning how different opponents work and what strategies they apply. However, when you play online, you cannot see your opponents, so now you need to see their playing patterns to learn what’s cooking in their minds. And here we have listed 3 ways how rummy players confuse their opponents to win the game.

Pick up unwanted cards

One way to not reveal the card you have or confuse your opponents is by picking up unwanted cards from the open deck. This is sure mislead your opponents and they will think that you are planning to make a sequence with those cards. Because of this, he or she will end up discarding the cards that you need. But when you are picking up a random card to confuse your opponent, just make sure the ones that you picked carry only lesser points so that even when your opponent declare, you will be losing only with fewer points.

Get the cards that you need to win

Being an experience rummy player, you can push your opponents to discard the cards that you require. In case you are looking for a Queen of hearts or a diamond to form a set, with you already having the Queen of clubs and spades, you can choose to discard the King of hearts. Then, your opponent may be discarding the Queen of hearts thinking that you are not forming any sequence with it, unaware of your intention. You can now pick up the card and form the sequence easily.


Bluffing is one of the classic rummy strategies used to confuse your opponents. You can do so by making him to think that you are about to win the game. For this, simply by take cards more from the open deck. So, you will be able to give the same impression to your competitors if you start discarding the lower value cards first. If you can confuse them by bluffing, and they will be forced to fold their hand.

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