India’s Most Loved Version Of Rummy: Points Rummy


There are few card games that have so many versions available for playing. One of them is rummy. A game that is played by a few crore people in India as of today, and is been played for centuries, has many variations. The 3 main types of online rummy cash games offered by almost all rummy platforms, including Khel Play Rummy, are Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Have you played all of them yet? You must have noticed one thing: whenever you opened the game lobby for playing a rummy game, there were more players active in the section of points rummy than those in the other two versions. Why this? Why is Points rummy, India’s most loved and played version?

The Basics

Points rummy is a version of Indian rummy that is played in only one round and doesn’t have any sub-type unlike the other two. Pool rummy has 101 & 201, Deals rummy has Best of 2, 3, & 6 rounds. But still, as per the number of cards, there are 4 variations of Points rummy: 10 cards, 13 cards, 21 cards, and 27 patti rummy. You can play online rummy in points, in 2 or 6 player versions. KhelPlay Rummy offers all these variations of rummy for our players. You can play this Points rummy in any of your own ‘rummy time’.

You can play this Points rummy in either the Free version or the rummy cash game version. This means, that every time you go to play rummy, you have to select 3 options: The number of players (2 or 6), the number of cards (10, 13, 21, or 27), and the Free or Cash version. Among these, the most played type of points rummy online is – 13 cards points rummy of 2 players in both, free & cash types. Know how points are calculated in online rummy.

So Why Points Rummy is the Most Loved version?

There are various reasons why the 13 patti points rummy of 2 players, is played the most among all the rummy games online. The biggest reason is that it is the fastest version of rummy. Since only one round takes place as you play rummy online in points rummy, sometimes, one match gets over even within a minute! What else do players want?

This enables players to play a rummy card game at any time they wish because they only need a couple of minutes of free time. Points rummy is like the ‘T20 Cricket’ version of an online rummy game. Here, you get to win real cash within minutes, unlike in pool and deals rummy where you have to play more rounds to win real cash.

Thus, in the time duration of one Pool or Deals rummy game, you can play a few games of points rummy, this gives you more chances to win real cash. You don’t need to make complicated strategies involving multiple rounds in points rummy. The aim is simple, do a valid show before others, in minimum moves of cards.


We are sure that even you will prefer playing this skillful game of rummy in the Points format in KhelPlay Rummy. Because of the above reasons, people do find points rummy easy and convenient to play, even though the Pool Rummy and Deals rummy formats also have their own benefits. Without wasting any time, play Points rummy in KhelPlay Rummy and get a wholesome rummy gaming experience with the A-2-3 cards.

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