Win in Rummy with your Buddy!

Win Rummy With Your Buddy

Playing online games, esp. card games, is a refreshing pastime for many of us, but you don’t get to play with your friends in all of them right? Indian Rummy is one such game where you can play with your friends or rummy buddy. Playing Rummy is itself an exhilarating and satisfying experience, so think about it, how awesome it will be, playing rummy online with your friends!

Rummy game has been played in India since centuries, many Indians used to have dedicated group of friends to play rummy with. All over India, even in the remote hinterlands, people have dedicated time slots in their daily routines to enjoy few games of rummy with their dedicated rummy playing friends.

Modern Day Rummy Buddy

Now that online rummy action is increasing, it is natural for buddies too, to play rummy together online, esp. on KhelPlay Rummy. Your Rummy playing experience multiplies in a positive way when you add your buddies on KhelPlay Rummy. You both will also get added monetary benefits because we have an awesome offer for all our KhelPlayers:

For each ‘Refer a Friend’ you do on KhelPlay Rummy, you get 5% Cash of your friend’s wagering up to ₹2,500*! Your friend will get a huge 250% Bonus on his/her first deposit up to ₹2,500*!

Such offer you won’t find on any other gaming platform when you add your buddy rummy on KhelPlay Rummy. Now imagine, if you are getting this huge benefit of up to ₹2,500 for one friend, how much will you get when you add all your friends on KhelPlay Rummy! You don’t just look at the above benefit of having a rummy buddy, there are others too, as follows:

  1. A rummy buddy will always be available to play with you whether any other opponent is ready or not.
  2. Playing rummy games online when your friend is actually besides you, is so beneficial if he/she is an expert player and you want to win a match.
  3. A buddy rummy will prove to be your moral support at times when you are losing matches.
  4. You can get the real experience of playing online rummy game with your friends, just like the offline enjoyment of before.

These, and few other points make it a must for you to recommend KhelPlay Rummy to all your friends and family. Rummy has been a game like this – to be enjoyed with your near and dear ones. When you play rummy only with strangers online all the time, and not with a buddy rummy, you are missing out not just on the Bonus/financial aspects but a lot more than that.

Ace the A-2-3 game in Indian Rummy in your own rummy time, by teaming up with your rummy buddy. Play more and keep winning more, sky is the only limit in rummy cash game for you when you add your near and dear ones in KhelPlay Rummy. If you haven’t already, download our app, register, deposit and start playing. Refer KhelPlay Rummy to your friends and get the true experience of playing online rummy.

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