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Rummy is one of the most played ‘games of skills’ in India. It is said that Rummy originated in Spain and spread to the Americas in the 19th century. Rummy became popular in India in the mid-20th century. Rummy is said to have a huge significance in Indian culture. Indian rummy or 13 cards rummy is a well-known recreational activity during small and big gatherings with family and/or friends.

You can win big by playing junglee rummy online. In this article, we will help you understand the basics of junglee rummy like the different variations, how to play, the important terminologies to keep in mind and expert tips that will help you win lots of real cash.

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Different types of Rummy

Rummy is a fun game of skills that can be played at any time of the day. Here are some of the commonly played junglee rummy cash game:

Indian Rummy

Also known as 13 cards rummy, you need to combine the cards dealt to you in sequences and sets, play junglee rummy and win the prize. Whoever melds the cards into a pure sequence and impure/pure sequences or sets is the winner. There are sub-types of Indian rummy and they are – Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy in junglee rummy.

Pool Rummy

This type has 2 sub-types – 101 Points and 201 Points card games. In 101 points junglee rummy game, a player is eliminated from the game when his score reaches 101 points or more. In the same way, in 201 points game, the player is eliminated when his score reaches 201 or more in junglee rummy online cash.

Points Rummy

This is a form of online junglee rummy cash game where players play for points. Each point has an equal monetary value. The more points you win, the more of junglee rummy cash you win.

Deals Rummy

This form of junglee rummy online cash game is based on a pre-determined deal count. Deals rummy has two sub-types – best of 6 deals and best of 2 deals.

How to play 13 Cards or Indian Rummy?

To win junglee rummy cash, you must play, but if you are new to playing rummy games and want to learn to play junglee rummy online cash game, you are at the right place. Online junglee rummy is a combination of gin rummy and Rummy 500. It is played by at least 2 players and a maximum of 6 players using a deck of 53 cards (52 cards + joker). For a 2 player junglee rummy cash game, 2 decks are used while for more than 2 players, 3 decks of cards are used. The objective of the junglee rummy cash game is to meld the cards in valid sequences and groups to make a valid show.

Below mentioned are some important junglee rummy game rules:

  • Each player is given 13 cards in junglee rummy. Play using them.
  • The remaining cards (draw pile) are kept face down. The top card from the pile is kept face up in rummy junglee.
  • Sort the cards suit-wise and rank-wise. This will ensure you are not missing any good combination. For junglee rummy online play, you have a sort button, when clicked can sort your cards.
  • Unlike most other card games, this one moves anti-clockwise in junglee rummy game.
  • Draw a card from the pile or discard one.
  • Make valid sequences and sets in junglee rummy cash game.
  • Your turn ends when you discard one card.
  • In online junglee rummy, if you meld all cards into valid sets and sequences, you can declare.
  • When you play junglee rummy online, the system will check the validation.
  • The one who makes a valid show first wins the junglee rummy online cash game.
    when the round ends, the value of ungrouped cards is added.

Important Rummy terminology

Here are some essential online junglee rummy game terminologies that you must know:


A deal is the one that deals the cards to all players. In the junglee rummy play online game, there is an automated dealer and the players are automatically given 13 cards each.

Deck of cards

In online junglee rummy, there are a total of 52 cards in a pack/deck of cards. Each deck contains 13 cards in every suit – Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs.


This is the most common rummy terminology in junglee rummy. Drawing a card means when a player picks a card from the draw pile during their turn. Every player must draw and discard one card in a round.


You need to discard a card in every round in junglee rummy. It is the card you think will not help in any way to make a set or sequence.


In junglee rummy online, a player can leave the game before it ends. This option of leaving the game is called a drop. The player is then given penalty points depending on whether it is his first drop or middle drop.


When a player has melded all the cards and wants to end the game, then he declares or places a show. The one who has the met online free junglee rummy game’s objective can make a valid declaration by clicking on show/declare.


This term means ungrouped cards. The cards that do not form any set or sequence are known as ungrouped cards and are added as points in junglee rummy.


In online rummy, a joker card is chosen automatically at the beginning of the game.  It is also known as a wild joker and can be an alternative to any missing card in your impure set or sequence.

Printed joker

A deck of cards has printed jokers and it plays a crucial role in the junglee rummy game. Though there are no points assigned to a printed joker, it can be used as a substitute to make an impure set or sequence.

Pure Sequence

It is a group of three or more cards of the same suit with a consecutive value. Remember that a printed or wild joker cannot be used to make a pure sequence in junglee rummy.

Impure sequence

It is a group of cards that includes a printed or wild joker to form a sequence.


A set is a group of three or more cards with the same rank belonging to a different suit. You can use a printed or wild joker to form a set in junglee rummy.


The total of the ungrouped cards that do not form any set or sequence is the player’s score. The score of different cards is different.

What are the Indian Rummy Rules?

In Indian rummy, you need to make a valid declaration of your melded cards. You can use wild and printed jokers to substitute with cards you do not have (except in pure sequence).

These are the things you need to make a valid declaration:

  • A minimum of 2 sequences out of which 1 should be a pure sequence
  • Remaining cards can be grouped in sets or sequences
  • Each group should contain at least 3 cards

Expert Tips to Win Rummy

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you master the online junglee rummy game.

Select the right game

In junglee online rummy, you have the option to select from a variety of games like practice games, cash games and tournaments. Make sure you pick the game you are experienced in. Tournaments are tougher, and stakes are high but the winning may also be high. Make sure to participate in rummy junglee tournaments after you have gained sufficient experience and confidence.

Focus on forming a pure sequence

Since the start of the game, focus on making a pure sequence first and then move on to forming other sets and sequences.

Discard high-value cards

While forming sequences and sets, ensure to discard high-value cards at the earliest in junglee rummy online. Holding those cards to form sets and sequences could leave you with a high score if the opponent declares.

Know when to drop out

It is crucial to know when you should drop out of the game. If you are being dealt a bad hand, ensure to drop out at the soonest so that you just lose some points but will remain with some for the next round.

Keep practising

Rummy is a skill-based game and one of the best ways to improve your skills is by practising. When you play rummy on junglee rummy, make sure to play practice games to sharpen your skills and form strategies to win.

Use the joker sensibly

Joker is a crucial card and thus make sure you use it wisely as it can help you complete your set or sequence. Use the wild or printed joker to form an impure set/sequence after you have a pure sequence in junglee rummy online.

Rummy is such a game that gives you an opportunity to have a secondary income as you go on to win real cash prizes in matches and tournaments. Whenever players win lots of prizes, it is natural to go junglee. If you haven’t played yet, try your hand at this game. Go junglee in rummy online gaming.

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