What is the Significance of Rummy in Indian Culture?

What is the Significance of Rummy in Indian Culture

Is there any culture that is so rich in history, so diversified, and so colourful as Indian culture? Of course not! We have the richest ever cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years. We Indians celebrate so many festivals all year round. There was one thing common among most of the festivals in the last many decades – Indians playing a few games of rummy. Even though online rummy is gaining popularity with each day, rummy game has been a part of Indian culture for decades. So much so that it is apt to consider ‘Indian culture’ and ‘rummy culture’ as similar. Let’s know more about Indian culture and the game of rummy in culture of India in this article.

Origins of Rummy

There is no fixed and proven theory about how the skillful game of rummy originated. Hence, there is no account of how the entry of rummy in culture of any country happened. One account says that it originated from a game that was named as ‘Conquian’. It must have originated 400 years ago in Spain. So we can safely assume that it must have become a part of Spanish culture, just like how the game of rummy in culture of India. In the 19th century, conquian arrived in Mexico. Conquian can be assumed as the direct ancestor of rummy game because the basic rules of both are the same.

Another origin says that Conquian itself originated from the Chinese games of Khanhoo and Kon Khin. It also shares similarities with another Chinese game – Mahjong. Even the Japanese game of Hanafuda could have influenced rummy. Culture of all these countries made it possible for the development of rummy. When the trade of European countries began with Asian countries, there was an extensive exchange of other things and rummy in culture of them.

Rummy in India

Here too, there are no concrete accounts as to when did rummy game entered India, when did Indians started playing rummy. Culture of India has been strong since ages. The British must have brought rummy to India in the late 19th or early 20th century. But when it came, rummy quickly became one of the most played card games among the Indian card players as many started playing rummy. Culture for play of card games was already present in India.

The Indian version of rummy is a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin rummy of the USA. It is named as ‘Indian Rummy’. In our culture, there was a place for rummy in culture, cash game play in rummy began in India. The words rummy, culture, cash game, festivals, fun, etc. became common in Indian households. Lakhs of Indians became experts at playing rummy. Gradually, rummy entered Indian culture. Rummy cash games were being played on festivals.

Indian Culture and Rummy

You might be wondering how people on festivals, started playing a lot of games of rummy. Culture of India is all inclusive, as it is believed that the goddess of wealth admires people who use skills to acquire wealth. What is rummy? Culture to play the playing card games is a good thing to have, and whether you have it or not, many rummy players will agree that rummy is a game of skills, even the various courts in India agree with this fact about rummy. Culture of various regions accepted rummy as a game to be played during their festivals.

Rummy quickly became a popular card game all over India. It was being played not just on festivals, but also on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other family gatherings. Basically, on almost every gathering of families or extended families, relatives, etc. this game was being enjoyed as the offline rummy. Culture of India is loved by all, even the foreigners, which is why even the British played rummy games during gatherings.

There was no sort of serious competition between participating players in those days in rummy. Culture upbringing of Indians prevented them from indulging in any malpractices like cheating. Some of the popular festivals include Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, New Year, Christmas, Navratri, etc. impromptu held rummy tournaments among the family members were common during these festivals. Truly, there was no other game that evoked so much fun, laughter, and bonding among the family members like rummy. Culture of India gave importance to having all the family members together, and in those days, there wasn’t this concept of nuclear family.

There were drinks, lots of food, music, and games during the celebrations of festivals or anniversaries, and the main game was rummy. Culture of India of the 20th century was shaped by all of these fun activities. But it was all offline rummy gaming. Know more about it, here. Today it is the 21st century and everything has changed. Let’s see how rummy and India’s culture are still connected.

Today’s India and Rummy

India’s great cultural heritage, customs, and festivals are still celebrated with great enthusiasm even today. But when it comes to rummy, things have changed, and they have changed for the better! Right until the end of the 20th century, rummy game was being played offline. People played a lot of offline rummy using real decks of 52 cards. There was a certain kind of rummy culture; game of rummy, tournament of rummy was held in person with families and friends.

But a few years into the 21st century and we are now in the age of online rummy, yes, the online version of rummy. Culture in online cash game is a common thing now. All thanks to the affordable smartphones and accessible high-speed Internet even in villages, the number of people playing rummy online is only increasing with each day because they find more benefits in online rummy. Culture of playing rummy games online is only increasing.

Although the numbers may be decreasing, some people are still playing offline rummy. Culture of online cash game has taken over them too. Even the ones who prefer playing online rummy game with the festivals of Indian culture. Rummy app of KhelPlay Rummy was started in 2012, and by now over 60 lakhs Indians have registered with us. Likewise, there are many other such online rummy platforms, e.g. rummy culture. Online money game play is easy and convenient in the apps of all these rummy platforms.

The game of rummy is still interconnected with our culture. Rummy app of Khel Play Rummy and others are still used more on festivals and other family gatherings. Just like ‘Indian Culture’, we can rightly use the word rummy culture. Online cash game trumps over offline gaming any day, as you get to win bigger real cash prizes. Today, no rummy player can imagine the absence of rummy in culture, free cash and other such freebies are some regular offerings on the rummy apps.

Previously, there was only the offline rummy culture. Game online of rummy started in this 21st century. Hence, now we also have an online rummy culture. Cash game, free game, tournament, and all these in multiple variations of rummy; you get to play them all. That’s not all, you can play with any rummy player from any part of India, at any time of the day, at any place you want to! And you get to win real cash prizes that go even in 8 digits.

Culture in Rummy

The significance of rummy in Indian culture can’t be stressed enough. The game brought and kept Indian families together, it was and still is a source of unlimited fun, joy, wins and losses, thrill and heartbreak. There is an inherent culture in the world of rummy, a community of rummy players who just love to play rummy. Hence the word, rummy culture. Online game play at Khel Play Rummy is such an enriching experience for our players. Even on our platform, there is a distinct rummy culture. App of KhelPlay Rummy is recommended by our players to their friends in the ‘Refer a Friend’ offer.

Even the other card games don’t have that kind of culture that rummy has, this rummyculture is something that each rummy player should be a part of. Since the beginning, rummy players have been helping each other, esp. the experienced ones helping the new ones, such is India’s rummy culture. Online game or offline game, you will feel like a part of a big community when it comes to playing in rummy. Culture online in rummy gaming is a big and happening place in the various rummy apps including Khel Play Rummy.

If you haven’t yet experienced this awesome rummy culture in online money game play, you can do it now! By downloading the app of Khel Play Rummy and making an account. A rummy game is played for many reasons like relaxation, fun, winning real cash and other prizes, developing skills, etc. want to spend your free time? Be a part of this rummyculture and keep playing rummy cash game as there is no other activity as beneficial as rummy. Culture in online cash game play is something that is experienced by crores of players in India and the rest of the world. You are already a part of the rich Indian culture, now it’s time to be a part of the rummy culture game online, whether you played it offline or not.

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