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Which is the best way or activity in which you can spend your free time? Playing card games! Haven’t we played some of them since childhood using the deck of 52 cards? There are literally hundreds of different games you can play using these cards. Some of the popular ones in India are, Mendikot, Teen Patti, Online Rummy, Solitaire, and Andar Bahar. One more in this category is – Call break card game. We deserve a well-earned break from our hectic life and these card games are the perfect solution to de-stress, refresh and also win real cash prizes in the process. So, in this article, let’s know more about this call break.

Intro & History

If you like to play card games that involve tricks, bidding and trump, then you’ve come to the right page. This call break game is also called as call bridge or simply, callbreak. It is a popular card game in South Asia, especially in the countries of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In different regions of India, it is also known as Lakdi or Racing. No concrete history or any origin is known about this call break online or offline unlike Indian rummy, but this game is probably related to the game of ‘Spades’ of North America. For those who don’t know how to play call break game, just keep on reading keenly and learn here.

How to Play: Basics

You can play call break offline or online. It uses a standard pack of 52 cards. There isn’t any printed joker used in this game. The game is played by 4 players at a time; hence, it isn’t a single player game, but call break multiplayer. The rank of the cards from high to low, in each suit, is A, K, Q all the way till 2. It is a hand-winning card game or trick-taking card game. There aren’t any partnerships between the 4 players in call break card game, but for all 4 of them, the other 3 are opponents.

The seating of the 4 players and the dealer is decided before the game begins. You should know all this in order to understand how to play call break game. The value of the cards is their face value, and the usual value of 10 points for A, K, Q, J, and 10. The deck of spades is a permanent trump. Cards of this deck can beat any other card of any suit.

You should know that there is hardly any difference in the rules or gameplay between call break online and offline versions. In fact, you try both ones, and just like rummy, you will understand that call break is equally thrilling, engaging, and exciting in both. After knowing the basics of the game, now we will move on to the actual ‘how to play call break card game’ of this card game.

The Gameplay

Before the call break cash game begins, players must decide or select the hand values based on their possible hand winnings. Now the dealer deals all the cards to the players, one by one, such that each player gets 13 cards. Any of the 4 players can start the first deal in call break offline. The flow of the game is in the anti-clockwise direction. These are the beginnings for you to know ‘how to play call break game’. When it comes to bidding, in some variations of call break, starting from the player sitting to the right of the dealer, each player calls a number, that should be at least 2. This will be the number of tricks, each player will look to win, and the tricks bid are called as ‘calls’ in the game of call break multiplayer.

After the 1st deal is dealt, the winner of each trick will start the subsequent deal. Players have the liberty to lead with any card of their choice, but then the other 3 players must follow suit in call break card game. If any player can’t do that, then he/she must trump with a spade card, but then, they should ensure that, the value of this spade is higher than that of a spade card already present in the trick, as they play call break online game.

If a player doesn’t have any card of the suit led and also doesn’t have any card of spade high enough to head in the trick, may pay any card of his/her choice. The trick played in call break, is won by the player who used the highest value spade card. If any spade isn’t present, then the trick is won by the player with the highest card of the suit that was led. Hope you are understanding how to play call break game.

The Scoring

To win the round, players must win the number of tricks they called before the game, or one more trick than that in call break online or offline. If a player succeeds in doing that, the number called is then added to his/her score, or else it is subtracted from the score. If a player called 5, then he/she must win 5 or 6 tricks and get 5 points. If they win 4 or lesser tricks, or 7 or more ticks in call break cash game, then it is a loss and the player will be deducted 5 points.

If a player called for 8 tricks, then it is a ‘bonus call’, if they are successful, then they will get 13 points. If unsuccessful, then they will get -8 points. Call break card game does not have any fixed ending. You can continue for as long as you want, play as many rounds as you can, and as the game gets over, the player with the highest score is the winner in call break. This is all you need to know about how to play call break. Now let’s move on to the rules.


This game has different variations in different parts of the world, and some of the rules also vary in them. But here, let us know some of the basic and common rules of call break multiplayer game that will be easy to learn for you.

  1. The spade cards have a higher power over cards of the other 3 suits. Even the 2 of Spades will trump over a King or Ace of any other suit in call break.
  2. Players who play a card of the suit that was led, aren’t obliged to head the trick. Even in spades, players can play cards of a higher or lower value as they wish.
  3. Another of call break rules is, if a player doesn’t have a card of any suit, then that player is ‘off’ that suit.
  4. In some versions, if you score additional tricks, you will not get any minus points, but an additional 0.1 points per trick in call break cash game.
  5. As per the call break rules, the trump suit is spades. You cannot change it to any other suit.
  6. The dealer can also be selected by dealing 4 random cards to the players. The one who gets the lowest value card becomes the dealer.
  7. Before the start of the first deal, it is compulsory for each player to declare their call, which is usually between 2 to 8 in call break. Afterwards, they cannot change it.

These are some of the common and essential call break rules. Besides knowing and understanding the basics, if you want to perfect how to play, call break rules learning is a must for you. Now let us go to some of the tips and tricks of this game.


If you want to know more in detail about call break how to play, then it is essential for you to know and learn these tips of call break.

  1. After the cards are dealt to you, do a quick analysis of how many bids are possible for you and then declare your call. In online call break or offline, always set a goal to win that exact amount of tricks.
  2. Use your spade cards wisely. They are the most valuable in call break game, and they allow you to win the deal easily than cards of other suits.
  3. Keep a watchful eye on the cards that your opponents put in the deal. This will help you in guessing which cards they might have and which cards of spades suit they may have.
  4. Avoid bidding with a jack or a queen card in call break offline or online.
  5. Use high-value cards other than the spades suit, to win simple hands first. Do not save them for later in the game or you may lose them to a trump card in call break card game.


Call break is truly an exciting and thrilling game whether you are playing the online call break or the offline version. It will not take you a lot of time to understand this game, the rules, and the tips. Once you know everything, you are set to play this game with your friends offline or online with other good players of call break. Now that you know how to play call break card game, you are also ready to teach this thrilling game to your friends and then play with them.

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