Include Rummy in Your New Year Resolutions!


Include Rummy in Your New Year Resolutions

Which is that one thing that is made by many of us at the end of December every year, but also broken in January itself? It’s New Year Resolutions! Well, there are many people, who diligently follow their resolutions for many months or even till December. Let’s hope you be of the 2nd type if you aren’t yet. Speaking of resolutions, we are already into a few days of 2022, if you made them, how’s it going for you?

Most of us make resolutions regarding health, career, relations or other activities. Have you included playing card games in them, like the rummy game? If you were unsure of what rummy resolution to make, help is here. Just keep reading below:

For those who aren’t on any Rummy platform yet!

If you are still contemplating whether to join a rummy platform like KhelPlay Rummy or not, it’s time to stop thinking and make a decision. Resolute that:

  1. I will download the KhelPlay Rummy app, register on it and play rummy.
  2. I will learn all the rules of rummy, how to play, all the tips & tricks, strategies, etc.
  3. I will practice rummy online until I become good at it.

Though the 2nd & 3rd resolution above can apply to any player.

Those needing to Level up

Were you still playing the Free version of rummy? It is time to make some progress. Resolute that:

  1. I will upgrade to the cash app of KhelPlay Rummy and start playing rummy to win real cash!
  2. I will take part in the various Tournaments that are available.
  3. I will avail all the promotions and offers.


These are the ones that any rummy player can follow:

  1. I will try all the Indian rummy variants that I get on KhelPlay Rummy. 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards rummy. Points, Pool, and Deals Rummy.
  2. I will improve my game and become a much better rummy player this year.
  3. I will join, play and win as many tournaments as I can.
  4. I will use the Refer a Friend offer and invite as many friends as I can this year.
  5. I will not take big breaks in playing online rummy, I will play it regularly and bring consistency.
  6. I will use all the Bonuses that I availed after doing a deposit, I will not waste any of it.
  7. I will learn all the Tips & Tricks, make and use new strategies.
  8. I will not repeat any mistakes that I make while playing online rummy game. I will write them down the first time and learn from them.
  9. I will practice Responsible gaming.

This includes setting a fixed amount of time in a day to play rummy games online, not prioritizing rummy gaming over family, work or other important activities, not chasing losses in card games, not playing when stressed, etc.

If you haven’t made any 2022 resolutions, you can still make some; as the saying goes – better late than never! Even this is not a rule, that you cannot add or edit your resolution list. Now is the time to consider some of the above Rummy resolutions and start implementing them.

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