6 Variants of Bluff Card Game You Should Know

6 Variants of Bluff Card Game You Should Know

You know that online rummy is offered in different variants in KhelPlay Rummy. You can play the 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy, and the 27 cards rummy, in the Points rummy, Pool rummy, or Deals rummy variants. Rummy is different even in other countries, we have the Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Indian Rummy, etc. Likewise, there are variations for other card games too, for e.g. Bluff Card Game. Let us know the 6 variants of Bluff Card Game being played in different regions of the world:


This one is different from all other variants. Swedish people also call it Bluffstopp, an amalgamation of Stoppspel and Bluff. Here, players get only 6 cards in the beginning, and rules of Russian bluff are followed – one rank at a time is played. The game goes from high rank cards to low ranked cards. The objective here is to discard the most number of cards, the fastest.


It originated in Austria and Germany. This variation can be played with 4 or more people. The other names of MogeIn are: Moglen, meaning cheat, Zweifeln, meaning doubt, Lugen, meaing lie, and Schwindlen, meaning swindle. The player with the Ace of hearts begins the game. Then the one on his left, goes second, placing a 2 of hearts on top of it. This goes until the King of hearts is placed. One suit at a time. When a player calls out ‘Gemogelt’ (meaning cheating), to another player, that caller checks the cards of 2nd player. The loser has to pick the whole stack!


Also known as Lying or Bragging, this version of bluff evolved in the Fujian province of China. The rules are loose and multiple decks of cards are used that are distributed equally among the players. Here, the player can discard cards of the same number, as many as they want, at a time.

4.Canadian, Spanish, or Australian

The origin is Canada, but this bluff game is also played in Australia and Spain. It is played with 2 decks and the printed joker is used as a wild card – totalling 4 jokers. Players decide which rank they want to start with. In the Spanish variant, the player with the highest value card, gets to start, while in the other 2 countries, no such starting rule exists for bluff. The wild joker can be used as any suit or number card. The objective here, is not to discard all your cards the fastest, but to keep the maximum cards in the end!


Here, the players are allowed to cheat as much as possible, hence probably the bluff game is also known as Cheat or Bullshit. Players can use tricks like disturbing other players, hiding their cards, etc. The player to discard all their cards the first, is the winner.

6.Verish’ Ne Verish’

The meaning of the above word is ‘Trust, don’t Trust’ and this version originated in Russia. The number of cards to be used, depends on the participants. E.g. if 2-3 players are playing, then 36 cards are used. If players exceed 4, then the full deck is used. All players do not get equal cards in the Russian bluff, the extra cards are still distributed! A player can discard 4 cards of the same rank at once.

Modifying the rules of playing card games to suit their interests and culture is a common thing among humans. The basic requirement to play this game, is to know how to play bluff card game. Once you know that, it will become easy for you to learn the variations. If you want to attempt any of these variations, you should first know all the basic bluff game rules. Do you know any other variation of the Bluff Card Game? Do tell us in the comments below.

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