Sometimes Dropping Out Of The Game Is A Smart Option!

Sometimes Dropping Out Of The Game Is Smart Option

You must have heard a proverb like phrase that goes something like: “to go ahead in life, sometimes we have to take a step back”. A symbolic representation of this is the bow and arrow. To launch the arrow from the bow, we pull it back! We are saying this because it is similar to the ‘Drop’ option in the rummy game. Have you used it ever?

In online rummy cash games, we can do a drop, in which we can leave the game before it ends. Such an option isn’t available in many other card games. Whether you have used it or not, you might be feeling confused, ill-informed, or you might be feeling like, ‘this is a negative step, we must never give up’. But you should know that in Indian Rummy, even Pro players drop out of the rummy cash game when they play it in their rummy time, because it is truly a smart option.

When to Drop?

When you play rummy, you can do a drop in 2 ways, whereas in a 3rd way, either you can do it or it will happen automatically. Following are the 3 ways in rummy:

  1. 1st Drop: When you leave the game without playing the 1st turn, it is the 1st You get a penalty of only 20 points at this time.
  2. Middle Drop: After you have played your 1st round, you can still do a drop, any time before the opponent declares. At this time, you will get a penalty of 40 points.
  3. Miss of 3 consecutive turns: If you do not make a move or play in 3 rounds consecutively in an online rummy game, you are automatically dropped out and a penalty of 40 points will be given to you.

A big and simple reason to take a drop in rummy online is to minimize your losses. As we play A-2-3, we lose a game by points and it is up to a maximum of 80 points for each game. Even if we are destined to lose a game, our job is to ensure that we lose by minimum points. This is to give ourselves a chance to cover up the loss and win the next game in online rummy.

Smart Reason Explained

Aap mein se kuch log kabhi kabhi rummy khelte ho, par kuch log roz rummy khelte hai. But almost all of you must have lost a few games. Points rummy is played in one round, Deals rummy is played in best of 2 or 3 or 6 rounds, whereas in Pool rummy, you can play many rounds until the loser reaches 101 or 201 points. Doing a drop in points rummy is really beneficial, but it is more beneficial in the other 2 types as you play more rounds in rummy games online.

Analyze the cards you get in the beginning. If it is a weak hand, if you have got difficult cards, more high-value cards, and if you are certain that it will take more rounds to meld all the cards, then it is wise to take a drop and incur only 20 points, than to incur more points later. Similarly, keep on counting your points after every move while playing and also keep on trying to minimize them. If they are still being more than 40, take a drop. It is always wise to take a step behind now, so that you can take a giant leap forward later.

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