Which Is More Fun to Play: Pool Rummy or Points Rummy?

pool rummy or point rummy

Rummy is one of those playing card games, that is most commonly played in different parts of India. Indian rummy has many unique variations that make it interesting and entertaining. Pool Rummy and Points Rummy are two series variations of rummy card games that you can enjoy even on Khelplay Rummy. Rummy game lovers may have varying opinions about which is going to be more fun to play rummy. For those players who do not enjoy series games, Points Rummy is yet another variation you can enjoy on KhelPlay Rummy. Here we have first thrown light on the two different variations of rummy and then analysed which is the better of the two options, Pool Rummy or Points Rummy. Read along to know:

Pool Rummy

In the game of pool rummy, the cut of points is decided in the beginning of the game. Anyone who reaches these cut off points first is the loser. It is a series game that extends beyond one round. The game is enjoyable for people who have time at hand and enjoy playing a long game of rummy online. Top rummy gaming websites like Khelplay Rummy have varying lengths of pool rummy so that the players can take their pick and enjoy the session. The variations in Khelplay Rummy of this game are listed out explaining how the games may differ.

101 Pool Rummy

In this variation of pool rummy, the player who makes 101 points first loses the game. The variation is short and the players need to be very quick with their moves in the cards A-2-3. They need to understand how to reduce points and when to quit the game if they hope to win this variation of online rummy card game on Khelplay Rummy. Here are some quick rules to get acquainted with for 101 Pool Rummy:

  • The First Drop in 101 Pool Rummy is counted as 20 points
  • The Middle Drop in 101 Pool Rummy is counted as 40 points
  • A full hand in 101 Pool Rummy is counted as 80 points
  • A player making a fair show of his hand is counted as 0 points
  • A player is eliminated from 101 pool rummy when his total score crosses 101

201 Pool Rummy

This is the other variation of pool rummy available on Khelplay Rummy. It is a longer variation as the cut off points is 201. The game is quite similar to the other variation except that some rules change a bit as explained below:

  • The least scorer at the end of the game is declared winner just as the other version
  • The first drop in this variation is counted as 25 points
  • The middle drop in this game is counted as 50 points
  • The full hand in this variation is regarded as 100 points
  • The player who makes a fair show of his hand is counted as zero points
  • The player who crosses the 201 points mark is naturally eliminated from the game

Points Rummy

The major difference between pool rummy and points rummy is that one is a series game while the other ends in just one round. That is why the strategies used in points rummy and pool rummy can never be the same. In points rummy, the winner is the player with least number of points. Here we have listed out the quick rules for points rummy on Khelplay Rummy:

  • Points rummy is often played as cash game and the value of the points is prefixed at the beginning of the game
  • First drop is counted as 20 points
  • Second or middle drop is considered as 40 points
  • The total number of jokers used in this game is 9 out of which 2 are printed jokers while seven are wild card jokers

A Quick Synopsis of Which Game Will Appeal to Whom

While the points rummy game of 13 patti or 13 cards, is quick and exciting, the pool rummy game is challenging and requires more strategic planning. People who look for a quick means of entertainment will choose points rummy but people who wish to hone their online rummy game skills will choose pool rummy. Pool rummy can be enjoyable even without cash play but points rummy mostly appeals to people who prefer points rummy cash play in their own ‘rummy time’. Both the games have their pros and cons and which of these games you prefer depends greatly on your frame of mind.

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