Deposit Fest Offer

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Deposit Fest Offer – Get Flat 15% Regular Deposit Bonus

KhelPlay Rummy is a Rummy lover’s paradise as every month, it brings unique Offers to the delight of its Players!

This month, from Tuesday, 24th May to Wednesday, 25th May, 2016, we present a “Deposit Fest” for our Cash Players. Here you can avail a flat 15% Bonus up to Rs. 1,500 when making regular Deposits to play Cash games.

This regular Deposit Bonus will be disbursed in 40 parts. A Player will receive the first part of the Bonus on playing and generating a rake equivalent to 400 percent of the Bonus portion, example:

If a Player makes a regular Deposit of Rs. 1,000, then the stated 15% Deposit Bonus that is Rs. 150 will be distributed in the following manner:

Bonus Distribution (Parts) Rake Generated Bonus Credited
1st Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
2nd Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
3rd Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
4th Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
5th Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
- - -
- - -
38th Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
39th Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
40th Rs. 15 Rs. 3.75
Total Rs. 600 Rs. 150

This Offer is limited to two days and expires on Wednesday, 25th May, 2016.

To redeem the Offer, it is necessary to use the Bonus Code: DF15

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