Game Lobby

The players can access the game table for Real (Cash) , (Tournament) Practice rummy only through the lobby. It is mandatory for a player to be logged in to access the KhelPlay Rummy lobby or a table, the tab to access the lobby and the game is only made available to players who are logged in. On clicking the ‘Play Rummy’ tab, a new pop-up window opens showing the lobby.

The lobby has been divided into two parts ‘the tabs’ and the ‘right panel.’ While the right panel gives ‘Game Info,’ the game table can be accessed through the four main tabs on this lobby – Cash Game, Tournaments, Practice Game and Find Game. The names of the tabs are suggestive of what is available under each of those tabs.

It's a unique identifier assigned to every player for playing Rummy.
After registering on the KhelPlay Rummy website or mobile app, when you open the game lobby for the very first time, you will get a pop up for entering a Nickname, which is mandatory for every player as without declaring your nickname you can't play your favourite rummy game.

The games made available under this tab are cash games which are played with Real Chips. Accessing your choice of game is made further easy to access via ‘sub tabs.’ Each ‘sub tab’ suggest the format of the available game, namely 13 Cards Pool Rummy, 13 Cards Point Rummy, 13 Cards Deal Rummy and 21 cards Point Rummy. To make it further easy to locate your game with ease each of the ‘sub tabs’ has been provided with a filter tools to further segregate your choice of game by selecting game type/number of players/ turn type and Buy-In.

All tournaments are listed under this tab. To easily access your choice of tournament ‘sub tabs’ have been provided under the Tournaments tab namely Freshers (Fresher), Cash and All. Under ‘Freshers’ (Fresher) you have all the scheduled free tournaments for those who have joined the website recently. They tournaments can be accessed by the players for upto 30 days from the day of joining. The second sub tab ‘Cash’list all the available tournaments for which players need to pay an Buy-In. The tab ‘All’ list all the tournaments, free as well as those which need an Buy-In.

As the name suggests, under this tab are listed all the Practice Games available on the website. These practice games are played with other players across the net and are played with Practice Chips. The practice chips are available for free. Just like under Cash Games tab, Practice Game tab is also further segregated into tabs game wise, namely 13 Cards Pool Rummy, 13 Cards Point Rummy, 13 Cards Deal Rummy and 21 cards Point Rummy, but these can be played with Practice Chips instead of Real Chips. Locating a game of your choice is made further easy with provision of filter tools that further segregate a game by type/number of players/turn type and Buy-In.

This is the ultimate tab where all the games, Cash and Practice (other than tournaments) are listed, clubbed together with selective filter tool to make selection of your choice of game easy. Selction can be made between Cash/Practice, Types of Game, Number of Players, With or Without Joker, Turn Type and Wager.

The right panel Game Info which is available on all tab and sub tab gives information about the selected game on the list represented with a thumbnail of the active table. This section also has an Instant Play button to join the selected game on a single click.

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