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The players can access the Tournaments, Cash games and Practice games only through the Rummy lobby. It is mandatory for a player to be logged in to KhelPlay Rummy to access the Rummy lobby. On PC and Mobile site on clicking the ‘Play Rummy’ tab, a new pop-up window opens showing the rummy lobby online. On App, as soon as the player is logged in he/she will be able to see the lobby.

On PC, the rummy lobby has been divided into two parts ‘the tabs’ and the ‘right panel.’ While the right panel gives ‘Game Info’, the rummy tables can be accessed through the four main tabs on the lobby i.e. – Cash Game, Tournaments, Practice Game and Find Game. The names of the tabs are suggestive of what is available under each of those tabs.

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In the context of the card game Rummy, a Rummy table refers to the playing surface or area where the game is set up and played. It is a generic term used to describe the physical or virtual space where players gather to play Rummy.

When playing Rummy in person, players typically sit around a table with enough space for each player to have their cards and make moves comfortably. If playing online or through a digital platform, the term "Rummy table" may refer to the virtual interface or game room where players join to play Rummy against each other.

In essence, a Rummy table serves as the central location for gameplay, where participants can see their cards, draw and discard cards, and arrange their melds to form sets and sequences during the course of the game.
The games made available under this tab are cash games, which are played with Real Chips. The sub tabs give information regarding the format of the available game, namely 13 Cards Pool Rummy, 13 Cards Point Rummy, 13 Cards Deal Rummy, 10 Card Pool game, 10 Card Point Rummy, 10 Card Deal Rummy, 21 cards Point Rummy, 27 Card Point Rummy. To make it easy for the player to locate their game, each of the ‘sub tabs’ have filter tools to further segregate and choose the game by selecting game type/number of players/ turn type and Buy-In.
All tournaments are listed under this tab. To easily access your choice of tournament ‘sub tabs’ have been provided under the Tournaments tab namely Free, Cash. Weekly, Special and All. Under Free you have the list of all scheduled free tournaments that can be played by those who have joined the website recently with or without deposit.. The sub tab ‘Cash’ lists all the available tournaments for which players need to pay a Buy-In. The tab weekly displays the list of all Weekly Tournaments held at KhelPlay Rummy. The Special tab includes the Daily Freeroll Tournament and Re 1 Tournament. The tab ‘All’ lists all the tournaments - free as well as those which need a Buy-In. There are also filter tools to choose round-based Tournaments and time-based Tournaments and find tournaments that start at a particular time.
As the name suggests, under this tab all the Practice Games available on the website and app are listed. These practice games are played with other players across the web with Practice Chips. The practice chips are available for free. Just like under Cash Games tab, Practice Game tab is also further segregated into subtabs game wise, namely 13 Cards Pool Rummy, 13 Cards Point Rummy, 13 Cards Deal Rummy, 10 Cards Pool Rummy, 10 Cards Point Rummy, 10 Cards Deal Rummy, 21 cards Point Rummy and 27 Cards Point Rummy but these can be played with Practice Chips instead of Real Chips. To make it easy for the player to locate their game, each of the ‘sub tabs’ have filter tools that further segregate a game by type/number of players/turn type and Buy-In.
This is the last sub tab on PC rummy lobby where all the games, Cash and Practice (other than tournaments) are listed, clubbed together with selective filter tools to make selection of your choice of game easy. Selection can be made on the basis of whether game is Cash or Practice, Type of Game, Number of Players, , Turn Type and Wager.
On PC the Game Info is mentioned on the extreme right hand side of the lobby screen. This option is available for all tabs and sub tabs and it gives information about the selected game on the list represented with a thumbnail of the active table.

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